A mechanistic common cause for inflation and dark energy using only standard model physics

Rather than providing another functional construct to fit observational cosmology, a mechanistic...

There Is Still Hope After Entropy

The first law of thermodynamics is commonly known as the law of conservation of energy.  This...

Your Eyes As Radiation Detectors

When you look at the rainbow, what you see is the prism like effect of the mist (aerosolized water...

Archeology Can Reveal Truth

The modern definition of science could be stated that it is a systematic study of the natural...

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The brakes on your car, the lift in the mechanics shop and standard construction machinery such as front end loaders,  back hoes, and bull dozers all require hydraulics instrumentation to perform their function.  In addition to this, all sorts of industrial cutters, presses, folders and a substantial amount of manufacturing machinery depend on hydraulics.  Hydraulic technology is pretty important to our standard of living seeing as how we depend on it in so many ways to per

Uranium is the element having 92 protons in its nucleus with typically 146 neutrons.  It is the largest naturally occurring element.  Like naturally occurring Thorium, uranium is radioactive and eventually decays into radium and radon which are likewise radioactive.  Both  uranium and thorium decay through many series of radioactive elements until they eventually become lead.