Men and women of good conscience cannot sit silently by and allow these things to happen. This is abuse and torture and, still, people support these. Still the Massachusett's State House supports it. Believe it or not, some parents of residents continue to speak out in favor of the use of these shocks.

Graphic video of teen being restrained, shocked played in court:

This has to stop. Why there isn't a greater outcry--why there isn't uniform outrage over the abuse and torture of disabled individuals is unbelievable. Why hasn't the federal Justice Department closed this center down? Why do the employees of the center engage in this abuse and torture? Why aren't all the major autism organizations standing up and putting the combined weight of their millions of dollars and their lobbying efforts to get this shut down, permanently banned?

How much more abuse and torture do you really need to see before you stand up and say no more? Before prosecutors in the area prosecute the individuals doing the shocking? Before accrediting boards revoke the licenses of the psychologists, doctors, and behavioral analysts who work there?

Really? How much more will it take for action to occur?