Yesterday I posted the highly insightful and scientifically bullet proof (wink-wink, nod-nod) Robin Hood Morality Quiz—you shoulda ranked Robin, Maid Marion, Little John and the good sheriff of Nottingham from most-to-least moral. Check the chart below to see how disturbed you are. Percentages are of total respondents.

•  RH, LJ, MM, SN: A moralist with conventional ideas. Old fashioned. 5% total.
•  RH, LJ, SN, MM: Massively puritanical. Women conspire against men. 2% total.
•  RH, MM, LJ, SN: Your philosophy is a confused mix of romanticism and moralism. 4% total.
•  RH, MM, SN, LJ: You have high standards and are not predisposed to trust others. 2% total.
•  RH, SN, MM, LJ: Ruthless authoritarian with weak personal morals. 2% total.
•  RH, SN, LJ, MM: Misogynist! You see women as the possessions of men.3% total.
•  LJ, RH, MM, SN: Cautious and insecure—you distrust the opposite sex. 6% total.
•  LJ, RH, SN, MM: Inferiority complex. Men: you fear women; women: get a backbone. 2% total.
•  LJ, MM, RH, SN: You're a romantic, idealizing women or expecting too much of men. 15% total.
•  LJ, MM, SN, RH: Slightly romantic realist. Broadminded, flexible and likely happy. 10% total.
•  LJ, SN, MM, RH: You believe in common sense and relative morality. You're uncertain. 3% total.
•  LJ, SN, RH, MM: Misogynist! You're a prude with an old-school opinion of women. 1% total.
•  MM, LJ, RH, SN: Happy and well balanced. Some chivalry and/or high standards. 13% total.
•  MM, LJ, SN, RH: Contended and maybe a little superior. Morality fits the occasion. 10% total.
•  MM, RH, LJ, SN: You're guilty, lack confidence, and are overly concerned about others' opinions. 4% total.
•  MM, RH, SN, LJ: Live a little! You're too stubborn. 1% total.
•  MM, SN, RH, LJ: Women: you like your men strong and your women stronger. Men: wannabe lover. 2% total.
•  MM, SN, LJ, RH: You're strong to the point of ruthlessness. Truth rules all. 3% total.
•  SN, LJ, MM, RH: Sulky, confused and immature. 2% total.
•  SN, LJ, RH, MM: Men: you see women as fickle and inferior. Women: get a backbone. 1% total.
•  SN, MM, LJ, RH: You claim to be a realist, but you're actually a romantic. 3% total.
•  SN, MM, RH, LJ: A rebel with a trace of spoilt child. You value truth above morality. 2% total.
•  SN, RH, MM, LJ: You prefer fantasy sex to real life. 3% total.
•  SN, RH, LJ, MM: Men: You're afraid of women. Women: you like bad boys. 2% total.

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