In this research we derived absolute neutrino masses by geometric interpretation of the Standard Model hierarchies. Numerous confirmations may indicate that, besides the problem of Higgs sector many external parameters, the SM is a complete low energy particle interaction theory not crying for new physics. But there are serious problems with understanding flavor in SM phenomenology. Firstly, equal number ‘3’ of SM particle generations coincide with the dimension number of outer euclidean 3-space and secondly, the factual SM particle mass and mixing hierarchies at leading approximation appear solutions of the ‘Metric’ equation for unit vector direction angles in euclidean 3-space geometry. Outstanding in the SM relatively large empirical Tau-lepton, Top-quark, Bottom-quark masses and relatively small neutrino Reactor mixing angle follow from Metric equation and lower particle mass data. New in the SM weak interactions particle color degree of freedom (3 quark colors and 1 lepton color) appears appropriate for representing quark and neutrino mixing angle unity at basic level and substantial difference at the observational level. Absolute magnitudes of neutrino masses are obtained: m1=~3x10^-3 eV,  m2=~9x10^-3 eV,  m3=~5x10^-2 eV.