In the midst of wildfires that occur with more severity because environmentalists block responsible logging and tree management in California, environmentalists who have blocked water infrastructure now say we don't need the infrastructure voters passed into law...or it would already have been built.

California is likely to undergo a drought, which happens about once a decade. Severe ones occur on a vicennial schedule. Since we know droughts will happen, why is there still shock and surprise and rationing when they roll around again? The Romans knew how to prevent lack of water over 2,000 years ago but environmentalists, lawyers, lobbyists and the politicians they fund are dumber than people who used urine to wash their clothes.(1)  They not only refuse to accept science, they have blocked it at every turn using a phalanx(2) of lawyers. And it works in California because the state has a Democratic super-majority so pet positions like being opposed to nuclear energy, vaccines, and dams are built into policy.(3)

Activist Ron Stork of the anti-everything group Friends Of The River had a new hot take about the failure to build a new reservoir the public finally demanded in 2014, and it sets the intelligence bar even lower. “Fundamentally, it is a deadbeat dam, a pretty marginal project, or else it would have been built years ago,” he told AP News.

When the only argument you have left is 'you should do nothing today because we have prevented you from doing anything so far', you're either desperate or you think the voters who mandated better water storage by law are too stupid to know how nature works.

Environmentalists block water infrastructure, and it's why Hurricane Katrina devastation happened

Beginning in the 1970s. environmentalists began to rake in big money, to where now they pocket $2 billion each year.(3) Very little of the money raised and spent by large groups goes to helping people or the environment, it is mostly for their lawyers. In order to keep the money rolling in, they have to constantly find new things to sue about - their most frequent lawsuit target is the US government, blocking everything and anything they can. Until they get paid. And in the settlement will always be that taxpayers have to pay the costs of the salaries of the environmental lawyers.

Those settlements happen more often when their political allies are in power. In the 1990s, the US Army Corps of Engineers was worried about levees all throughout the delta, but environmentalists blocked them. The Clinton administration only made a token effort to support their own side and the projects were scuttled due to environmental impact. When Hurricane Katrina hit, the levees were overwhelmed but instead of accepting responsibility, the environmentalists and politicians who had blocked them blamed...Republican President George W. Bush. 

Environmentalists, who once lobbied for dams, now raise money lobbying to tear them down. And until then they block repairs. In California, while they blocked the Sites reservoir for so long that voters passed it into law they also blocked repairs to the Oroville Dam, all while showing pictures of the damage they refuse to allow repairs on and claiming the dam instead needs to be torn down.

As if the eugenics movement was not proof enough of how much progressive hate the poor, while California undergoes more droughts and poor people are driven from their homes due to the increased costs that lack of supply brings, activists spend money getting rid of the water infrastructure we have. That's not just scummy politics, it is evil. 

Politicians collude with activists against water programs

Imagine if voters had passed a law banning a chemical or subsidizing chiropractors? Would there be any delay by the Democrats in charge? Yet voters demanded a new water program during the last drought and we're about to enter a new one and politicians say it is still under 'environmental review.' What review? There are some useless shacks there with no running water or electricity. It isn't money, most of the $4 billion will be paid by people who use the water, just like we pay now, and voters already approved a bond of $836 million - which is the same amount California wasted subsidizing human embryonic stem cell (hESC) research for no other reason than that Democrats claimed President George W. Bush was against them.(4) 

Governor Newsom may be running out the clock to help his donors and philosophical allies on new water storage. By law the planning should be done by the end of 2021. Yet it is no closer to completion than it was a year ago.

It is a real disservice to the public that activists are allowed to block improvements this way. Northern California has not built new major water storage since the 1960s but the population has tripled. All of the illegal immigrants California wants to let in so they can have better lives (and some day vote for their party) are never going to have better lives as long as water is limited by activists. In that scenario only the rich can afford houses, only the rich can even afford to rent houses. That is not what California's public relations campaigns promise, but it is what activists deliver.


(1) California is essentially a one-party state. Yes, there are pockets of Republicans but forcing them all into Congressional ghettos - the 36% that were Republicans got redistricted into 20% of actual districts - means there is always a Democratic majority in the state legislature, if not a super-majority. Only when there is world class incompetence (like now) is there a recall election (like now) and maybe a Republican will get in. We even changed the rules so that for major seats a Democrat can run against a Democrat, because all the Republicans moved to Texas and usually Democrats will have the top two spots in primaries.

Democrats have had a stranglehold since the 1980s, when President Reagan compromised with the party that wanted amnesty for illegal immigrants knowing they'd become Democrats. The state has not voted for a Republican president since, ironically, Reagan.

(2) Sorry to mix Greek and Roman terms.

(3) There is an exception. Coastal elites were so overwhelmingly opposed to vaccines that preventable diseases not common in the modern era, like Whooping Cough, began to spread from San Francisco and Berkeley and an M.D. in the state legislature, Dr. Richard Pan, cajoled fellow Democrats into passing a bill that would remove the 'on a whim' ability for wealthy white people to just not give their kids vaccines, believing they cause autism. He then got enough public pressure to force Governor Gavin Newsom to sign it, despite it being his people denying vaccines.

Now Newsom claims he is pro-vaccine, he just doesn't think they work, so Californians are forced by government to engage in ridiculous stunts like pulling masks up and down for each sip of coffee, while he faces a recall due to mismanagement.

(4) A lot of that money goes to lobbyists and lawyers. Often it is just prearranged sue-and-settle agreements during politically allied administrations - government says they can't ban X because Congress but they can ban it if environmentalists sue and government doesn't really defend and therefore lose - but sometimes it is true environmental disaster. As dumb as environmentalists in Florida who repurposed tires to make coral reefs, until their shoddy work failed and it cost 30X as much to clean up. 

(5) This was a claim made in the run-up to the 2004 election, along with a whole 'Republicans are anti-science' claim, despite him giving the technology federal money after Clinton refused. Democrats were still playing it up in 2009 when President Obama signed an executive order 'lifting the ban' that never existed - by allowing a few more lines than Bush had allowed.