The biggest shopping day of the year is not Amazon Prime Day, nor is it Black Friday, it is instead on November 11th - Singles Day.

China has so many unmarried people they turned it into a shopping celebration.

In Sweet Lemons Rationalization, if you are unable to find someone worth marrying, you can declare you don't want to get married anyway.  If I say I don't want to date Heidi Klum, it is empowering and therefore not an insult that she does not date me.

That is the case with a growing number of Americans.

Data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National Marriage and Divorce Rate Trends, and Divorce Rates by State, collated by kgnlawfirm and scored using marriage and divorce rates, average age of first marriage, employment status of married individuals, educational levels of married couples, and the ratio of marriage and family therapists per capita(!) led them to conclude that Washington, DC people, 90 percent Democrats and nearly 100 percent government, are the least likely to be married. Massachusetts is at the top of the marriage stability scale.

The marriage decline is real. If the data are correct, 34.2 percent of Americans have never married.

The good news for family values pundits is that if fewer people get married, fewer people get divorced. Though there was a small blip during the pandemic, divorces have declined in sync with marriages.

If you are curious, demographically Asians are most likely to stay married no matter how miserable they may be. So hundreds of millions of Chinese people may not get married, but if they do, they stick it out.