Raw milk is not a cure for any disease, it's actually more like a disease vector. It has no benefit to anyone, and I say that as a kid who drank it regular, and has a great deal of risk.

But the anti-science, anti-vaccine, anti-gmo, pro supplement community latched onto this, even for autism, and it became so popular FDA actually had to issue a statement telling people it's not real.  

In two years, not much has changed. Raw milk still won't be a treatment for autism, nor will raw camel milk, or any milk. It's nonsense, and embarrassing in a country that proudly claims world leadership in adult science literacy.

If you are reading this and wondering if it also applies to "chelation" therapy, chiropractors, clay baths, or jade eggs, it's all nonsense. When alternatives to medicine pass double-blind clinical trials, they become real medicine. Until then, they are simply supplements, and only part of a successful $35 billion a year industry because the Clinton administration took them away from FDA overview (unless they blatantly lie about medical claims or bodies start adding up) and the same people who believe that organic food is healthier and natural gas causes birth defects are willing to believe science is a vast corporate conspiracy.