NASA Opens ISS to Tourist, Roscosmos Did It First. A Long Time Ago!

NASA welcoming private space flight participants is not new and it is misleading to call these...

General Relativity at 100. A Primer For People Who Know Algebra.

General Relativity (GR) is 100 years old and today.   Many writings will try to simplify...

When Black Holes and Neutron Stars Collide, These Are The Possible Results.

A quark star is a hypothesized type of object more dense than a Neutron star but not dense enough...

Gravitational Wave Astronomy In Space, Public Talks of LISA Con #4.

Gravitational wave astronomy in space, that is the goal of the LISA Collaboration.  LISA stands...

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Currently I am an adjunct professor at the City Colleges of Chicago and the College of DuPage . My research focuses on astrophysics from massive star formation to astroparticle physics. Born and... Read More »


The mad scientist stereotype seems to be alive and well.  This time it is emerging in a disturbing way.  A US Army scientist, Bruce E. Ivins, committed suicide at the age of 62.  He has been implicated in the Anthrax case from 2001.  You remember those letters that started to show up after 9/11  "Death to America, Death to Israel, Praise be to Allah!"  (That is another set of stereotypes for another day.

Today I have published on my youtube account two new lessons in my series on quantum theory. In my continued attempts to explain ever more complex concepts in Quantum Physics I have defined all the mathematics I should need. Based on that very minimal mathematical framework, I can have a more informal discussion with my viewers. The subjects of these lessons was basically a conceptual discussion of the subject matter of the first two lessons. A discussion which enables me to have a informed, and intuitive discussion of the concept of an operator on a space.
It has come to my attention in a more recent comment thread on one of my articles that the quantum theory I advanced here has been experimentally verified. I have revisited this article and I find that the original PDF attachment has been deleted. For completeness I present some links. These links were originally for the comment thread Transsexual Smokescreen: Ignoring Science In “The Man Who Would Be Queen” The timing of this can be confirmed by sifting through that comment thread and finding these links.

Curtis E. Hinkle of Organisation Internationale des Intersexués (Oii) has written “Zucker: Manipulation of Young Feminine Boys . To me this reads like just another attack on the very concept of the feminine young transsexual.

Just for any fans who may want to see them. Quantum Space-Time Dynamics An article on my theory of Quantum Gravity. Stereotypes, Preconceptions, And The Public Image Of Science. Educating Our Youth. An article on science and soceity. About how the education of the very young keeps many away from science latter in life. Quantum Theory Lesson 1: Quantum states I think there are more which I don't recall at the moment so I may update this in the future.
A Word On Sexism, and How Cultural Differences Divide the Transsexual/Transgender Community. It's a small world after all! (A word to the reader part of this deals with sociology, psychology, and the use of language. Words and meanings of words to different people. Do not be offended. Read this in its entirety and the true meaning of my words will be revealed.) For my views expressed on this website I have been called...."Bailey supporter", a "Baileyite", a "HSTS ladyboy ", a "45 year old investment banker posing on line as a young transsexual", and last but not least "your like one of the Internet fakers on my website". Because a real, young, transsexual woman could never exist who would openly say I am not so offended by what Bailey wrote.