Another Slice of APS April 2019, Knowing Theories Of Others.

A simple slice of life as an academic.  No chair was assigned for the session Z13 in which...

Replacing Theoretical Physicists With Computer Code? A Slice Of APS April 2019.

Theoretical physicist have no more than five good unique insights in a lifetime. Then spend years...

Presenting A Hypothesis Of Everything, And Finding Out A Giant Had A Similar Idea At The Same Time Is Great.

A hypothesis of everything, that is not what I first thought it would be, is what I will present...

The Black Hole Image Raised Us Up, Media Reactions Lowered Us Down

By oversimplifying the complex human story of how big science done by big collaborations like Event...

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Currently I am an adjunct professor at the City Colleges of Chicago and the College of DuPage . My research focuses on astrophysics from massive star formation to astroparticle physics. Born and... Read More »

A Word On Sexism, and How Cultural Differences Divide the Transsexual/Transgender Community. It's a small world after all! (A word to the reader part of this deals with sociology, psychology, and the use of language. Words and meanings of words to different people. Do not be offended. Read this in its entirety and the true meaning of my words will be revealed.) For my views expressed on this website I have been called...."Bailey supporter", a "Baileyite", a "HSTS ladyboy ", a "45 year old investment banker posing on line as a young transsexual", and last but not least "your like one of the Internet fakers on my website". Because a real, young, transsexual woman could never exist who would openly say I am not so offended by what Bailey wrote.
The exceptional Lie group and Lie Algebra F(4) in it's compact and real form may be the symmetry group associated with the theory of Quantum Space-Time Dynamics (see earlier article). In my studies of Gravity and physics in general what I have learned about one has augmented what I know about the other. My theory of Quantum gravity and Quantum Geometry has been developed based on what I knew at the times that I have formulated it. It's single postulate has remained constant. However as better and better computational methods have become known to me I have been able to improve on it.

This is the second in a series of youtube video's I am making. Which I have chosen to name “Quantum Theory in Plain Language”.

In this particular video I give what I hope is a simple and accurate explanation of Dirac's Bra-Ket Algebra. First I introduce the concept of the ket and bra as representing quantum states. (Which in the first video are defined as consisting of information describing a physical system.) Then I define what in the video I call a “ket space”. I make use of the average persons intuition from high school algebra or geometry. In particular the concept of the 2D (x,y) plain. Where the inner product <bra|ket> on the space is the simple dot product.


Well I know that not everyone's computer can do Youtube (especially if it is older or uses a less common OS). So Here I write the gist of what I said.

World Autism Awareness day was April 2nd 2008 as designated by the United Nations. Which was a good thing. However I think that a condition that effects 1/150 people on Earth needs a week or a month. Autistic people are neurologically different from the typical, average person. This varies form from being a handicap to a mild benefit in certain situations.

I have just completed the first in a series of youtube video's on quantum theory. This one deal with quantum states. In these video's I attempt to explain quantum mechanics in a way that anyone who has graduated high school could understand. The maths will never be more complicated than geometry and algebra and the language will be kept simple. However even with that I think that a basic apprectiation for quantum theory (not just certain sexy phenomena) can be attained. If anyof you see any glaring errors please feel free to chime in a correct me here on on you tube.
To day I have posted my innagural you tube video. It is the introduction to my little channel where I will produce and post some videos where I explain Quantum Mechanics to people in a simple and understandable way. At least I hope it will be understandable. This is just an introduction to me. I will cover the topics of kets, bra's, ket spaces, Hilbert spaces, operators on hilbert spaces, measurement, and Finally present the axioms of quantum mechanics.