Defund the police or even abolish the police is a politically ignorant statement especially because when asked they who say it describe extensive reforms.  Those words mean no money, and no police.  Just like abolishing slavery didn’t mean make slavery a little different but still have slavery it means no more slavery! Just use the word reform if that is what you meanWe can start by amending the constitution of the United States to empower the federal government to police the police.

We need real changes not extreme leftwing anarchomarxism or to create what one activist called a black queer trans utopia. (I'm black and trans and that sounds like bull even to me.) 

The trending demand of #BlackLivesMatter on the street and on social media.  This is such a foolish politically if not literally suicidal notion that many supporters of BLM think it is right wing trolling.  Hard core activist among black lives matter have made it truly clear that they mean defund.  They don’t mean what the UK Guardian genteelly wrote about they mean “We don’t want no police” they said to Mayor Jacob Frey of Minneapolis.  

As bad of an idea as it is at least those activists know what the words mean and they really mean them.  It's not just one person, or a small crowd this is an official position of most of the organized #BlackLivesMatter movement.  They have thought about it and concluded that the only real solution is a degree of anarchy.  For the community to just police itself fine.  That is not a new idea.  It is just an idea that has never worked. 

 As For The Mainstream Media Trying to Coopt That Into a DNC / Joe Biden Campaign Boosting Movement: 

 There is nothing more ignorant than using a word incorrectly and insisting that you are using it right.  For those who work for major publications and mainstream media  who don’t get it this is what those words mean in US English.  According to Websters dictionary:

Defund: to withdraw funding from

Abolish: the act of officially ending or stopping something : the act of abolishing something. i.e. Abolishing slavery.

Therefore, to defund police or abolish police means no more police.  If you mean reform use the word reform. 

Reform: to amend or improve by change of form or removal of faults or abuses

This week we will hear for a couple of days people trying so hard to defend that indefensible slogan.  I feel for what the hard core BlackLivesMatter activist are saying.  I don’t agree with their message.  Lets not coopt it. 

Lets not let this be coopted and transformed into something that old senile Joe Biden can actually say either.  This is a political non starter, and the province of acaemic, extreme left, SJW's.    

I say that as a transgender woman of color who is keenly aware that what we need is better policing not no police at all.   Vulnerable groups of people whose rights are not always respected by "the community" are not who will win if police are defunded or abolished.   (Again if you mean reform say reform don't insist that defund or abolish don't mean what they mean.) 

Lets #PoliceThePolice,  #ReformThePolice and let the people who want to #DefundThePolice or #AboishThePolice have their message.  Trying to coopt that message, which is a political non starter, will only destroy the broader movement.

Lets ammend the consitution to say something like

For the establishment of a more orderly and freer society the boundaries of law must be clearly established for all citizens.  Law enforcement officers have a duty to protect the lives of those under their power even at hazard of their own lives. Law enforcement agents must uphold the constitution of the United States of America in its entirety in all circumstances, specifically, first, second, fourth, fifth, seventh and eighth, 13th and 14th amendment rights at all times, in detention, under arrest, while incarcerated, during protest, or assembly  that is lawful or unlawful or any other similar interaction.  The United States of America apologizes for the fact that such rights were denied to African American, and sometimes other citizens, for racist and discriminatory reasons.  

This being in the constitution would clearly establish federal jurisdiction to intervene in any case where police violence exceeds the bounds of reasonable lawful force and becomes excessive resulting in death or serious bodily injury.   This would also empower the federal government to intervene in serious unrest and protest where local or state police may loose control of themselves and the situation.  This would allow calmer more detached people to come in and settle matters. 

This would allow for federal prosecution of and or lawsuits against police in situations like this in a way that could not be undone by a court, congress, or president. 

TLDR If you think defunding the police is a good idea consider who has most of the guns and who goes to the range to learn how to shoot well.  Guys like this. warning harsh language do not press play if in a sensitive location, work or near children

Ventura For President?

Since I mentioned presidential politics let me make a few things clear.  

  1. As even Barrack Obama recently said presidents don't control the local cops, mayors and governors do. 
  2. I do not support Trump, but I will not support the Democrat party just because identity politics they need the right ideas. 
  3. I would gladly support Jesse Ventura for president he's Bernie Sanders but so much of an outsider that he won't care to have the favor of the mainstream politicians at all and will just do the right thing for America. 
    1. He has stated positions I agree with on.
    2. A real green new deal
    3. US military not being involved in distant military adventures. 
    4. complete nationwide legalization of marijuana and ending the drug war.  

That would bring real change.  Yet expect this all to be subsumed somehow into BlackLivesMatter = Joe Biden for president.  In complete ignorance of the fact he was pro segregation and a prime mover behind a mid 90's crime bill that is blamed for mass incarceration. It made crimes more common in black communities, punishable with longer sentences than similar crimes committed in white communities (i.e. crack cocaine in Harlem getting 10 years Vs powder in Midtown Manhattan getting 2 years).