Neil deGrasse Tyson was accused by three women of various acts of sexual misconduct over time. NatGeo and Fox paid for into the sexual assault, harassment, and misconduct allegations made by Dr Katelyn N Allers (inappropriate touching under the clothes), Ashely Watson (sexual harassment ), and Tchiya Amet (acquaintance rape by drugging). 

If you are a true fan of his, as much as I was you should support this petition demanding that the full results of their investigation be released.   Furthermore, that in the case of the one criminal act he was accused of whatever they found should be shared with relevant authorities in the jurisdiction where it would have been committed.  IF this investigation is all we could hope it would be, if they really found nothing it is important to know that.  IF this investigation was a snowjob it would be important to know that.   Please go to this link, and sign the petition.


When we watch a TV show we are choosing to let a projection of a person’s personality into our homes and our lives.  The public has a right to know a bit more about those people who put themselves out there like that.  These, public figures, are subject to different legal standards as such for that very reason. If he were just the little-known director of the Hayden Planetarium in NYC “investigation complete” would be enough.  He is not.


 Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson is someone who’s TV personality has been a guest in millions of our houses.  He has taught our children about the stars and planets and life in the universe.  On a personal level he is one of a few minority scientists (black and/or trans) who’s past success at times when it was harder to do inspired me to keep going.

A full public report must answer the following questions at a bare minimum.

  1. Who they interviewed and why?
  2. What circumstantial evidence they considered?
  3. What if any physical evidence did they consider?
  4. Their conclusion and what standard of proof did they apply in reaching their conclusion?
  5. Especially with respect to the rape allegation, which would have no criminal statute of limitations in Texas, did they share any of what they learned with the relevant authorities, and if not why not? 

We the public who are being asked to consume the words and wisdom of Dr. Neil D. Tyson have some right to know who he really is good or bad. 


Please go to this link, and sign the petition.