Disease is caused by microbes, viruses, and bacteria. In the case of cancer, it is an overgrowth of your own human cells in a disorderly way. Microbiology is even more indisputable than any astronomical fact. In fact, it is so solid that the best reference to give is a free and open-source textbook. 1 People who take a holistic approach to disease, who are also often anti vaxx are not generally anti-germ theory. It is a fact the healthier the body the better it can fight off disease causing microbes. COVID-19 the current pandemic is enflamed in the United States due to the virus replicating in the overabundant fat cells of people in our country who are overweight and especially obese people. 2, 3 Things which are caused by food choices, made in an environment where junk food is cheap and easy to get but healthy food is inflated. Like so many things this is a systemic and individual failure decades in the making.

Anti-Germ Theory Lunacy.

Now we come to the bottom of the rabbit hole people who think that germ theory is not correct. Some deny that microbes exist at all. Some deny that they cause disease (thinking that they are attracted to dead/diseased tissue or “toxins”). This is the culmination of so much fringe science and alternative health applied by people who couldn’t be bothered to even study that philosophy in a serious way. On par with someone who wants to be an astrologer, a cultural practice not a science, YET thinks space is a hoax.

This is a real actual Facebook group. That seems to be totally serious and not trolling.

Essentially people so anti science, so anti intellectual, so anti work and anti learning that any form of schooling be that a college degree in biology or health or kinesiology is too much. So anti intellectual that chiropractic school is too much. So far gone that they’d look at a book of anatomy and call expecting them to know that much is too much. Afterall muscles don’t exist! How can they if cells don’t exist?

No need to go to school and try to learn, and be graded by someone who has the audacity to think studying and laboratory work mean they know anything. Just use their handy Facebook guides.

Who even knew Facebook had this kind of a function? A method of delivering a false education to people built of Facebook’s attempts to create a Learning Management System. Something to compete with Blackboard perhaps. All designed to give people a false sense of knowing things that is peak Dunning-Kruger.


Let me be clear, if you do not want to be vaccinated and don’t justify that with junk science I am on your side. No one should be forced to do anything medically they do not want. From a human rights perspective that’s all that needs to be said.

People have a right to believe anything or do or not do anything that does not affect others. However, like smoking, viruses are real and real dangerous and the rest of us get a say in what physically impacts us.

Therefore, I also hope and would encourage you who read this to get vaccinated because it would save your life and others. With the vaccines Covid is a mild illness that spreads less. Lessen the spread enough and COVID will eventually die back into the background. It may never be zero but it can certainly be something that breaks out from time to time rather than all the time.

This can only happen if we accept the facts about COVID and how science works. In most things opinions are all valid. In science the opinions of experts matter a million times more and data matters INFINITELY more than any expert opinion. The data is in. The vaccines work, ivermectin is not a substitute, and germs are real.

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