Breaking Grichka Bogdanoff one of two brothers who attained a PhDs in questionable circumstances and went on to popularize their views has died of COVID 19.  He was not vaccinated against Covid 19 according to a statement released by his agent. 

The two brothers attained the PhD in the European system by publishing papers containing their theories regarding what may have occurred at or near the big bang in reputable journals.  Latter readers of the papers would then go on to call into question their papers and even their Doctoral theses.  

Given their appearances it has been speculated that they have had substantial plastic surgery but this has been denied by the brothers. 

Controversy aside these two brothers clearly touched a lot of people and via their work trying to make science popular they may have influenced others to become interested in Physics and study it for themselves.  Sadly, in the end, Grichka Bogdanoff did not trust in the medical science of vaccines and died of COVID19 after having been in the hospital since the 15th of December 2021.   He is survived by his brother and his brothers six children. 

UPDATE Igor Bogdanoff has now died of covid 19.

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