Up goer five is a game where you try to explain a hard idea in simple words. I am even writing this part using only the most often used words. Even a idea for how it all works. Even the word "theory" is not in the list of the 1000 most common words, nor are energy, or momentum, but force is. I explained my theory of everything in what might be the briefest scientific publication ever "A Theory of Everything (DOI:au.151097671.11518441)" not counting the single figure and citation to a longer more detailed paper. I did this for the Authorea "Up Goer Five challenge".

UPDATE: A Reader helpfully pointed out it is the "ten hundred" most common words not ten thousand.  My brain must've just substituted the common number 1000 after ten.  It seems  "thousand" is not one of the "ten hundred" most common words. 
Space is all that there is, just not the space as we live in it every day. The true space has position but not as we know it. Yet from it we can find all the forces that make our world. 
My strange idea sounds almost profound when put in such a simple and brief form that it fits within a 280 character tweet with a link as well. 

How about other theories? 
M-Theory in Less than 280 characters and the 10000 most common words. 

  • Everything, even space, and forces are made of a thing that moves back and forward really fast in more than one direction at the same time.   

Loop Quantum Gravity, while not a theory of everything, just gravity is seen as a competitor to M-Theory so let us consider it.

  • Space is made up of small pieces of area and we get forces that make us fall from how big the areas are.

Newtons laws in Up-Goer five speak.
  1. Everything will go in a straight line until an outside force acts.  
  2. Force changes how fast something goes.  
  3. Everything you do to a thing that thing will do to you.   

Try explaining your ideas with the upgoerfive editor. This could even be a good tool for use in crafting a very introductory part of a lecture.