The following is an evolving news story. It seems that a disgruntled staffer changed the website of the department of state to indicate that the President has resigned. This appears to be false. I have sought comment from the White House, the personnel on the phone had no idea this was even an issue. While a formal comment or press release about this is hopefully going to occur, it can be said that Buzz Feed's reporting is likely accurate. Now it is abundantly clear that the hack of the department of states website was not a leak of any kind. Mike Pence and Donald Trump are going to work together to the end of his term. Per business insider. "A disgruntled employee changed the State Department's website to say that Trump's term ends today, sources say" Mike Pompeo is going to launch an investigation which I hope the administration soon to come will see through. Mike Pompeo speaks as this is breaking and one would think if this was true the secretary of state would say something. Unconfirmed. Now maybe Disconfirmed per the Daily Beast and Buzz Feed. I have reached out directly to the White House for confirmation or denial. Certainly the White House will issue some comment on this to the press pool. This news settles the matter.

We live in interesting times

We are now living in a very interesting time. At this point information is power in a new way. Now we need to learn as a country how to deal with it. This experience is one I hope we as a world and as a nation will be stronger from.