It is strange analogy that since times immemorial Kattha was used along with Piper betle leaves by dance artists and visitors to the brothels, and rulers before indulgence. Were they knowing that consumption of Piper betle leaves with Acacia catechu can prevent them from AIDS or STD ? Its a matter of research .

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Family     Mimosaceae (Fabaceae)

Used Part    Dry aqueous extract from heart wood


Distribution    Area    Khair is common throughout the sub-Himalayan tract from Punjab to  Assam, ascending to an altitude of 1,200 m.


Common Uses . The most important product obtained from A. catechu is Catechu which is used in pan preparations and in medicine.

     Useful in irritation of throat, cough diarrhoea, chronic ulceration, epistaxis and eruptions of the skin.   It is mainly employed in the preparation of the Khadiraristha, Khadiraadi kwaatha, Khadiraastaka, Khadiraadi vati, Kutajaarishta, Lavanagaadi vati and Chandananaadi vati.


Pharmacological Effect The seeds contain sugars like L-galactose, D(+)-galactose, á-lactose,     a-L(-) fucose, which inhibit leucoagglutination of leukaemic cells.

Others  It is mainly  employed in the preparation  of Khadirarishta, Khadiraadii kwaatha, Khadiraastaka, Khadiraadi vati , Kutajaarishta, Lavangaadi vati, and Chandanaadi vati.