India is reeling under heat wave. Nagpur temperatures cross 47 degree C while half of India is above45 degree or so. It is effect of making 6 way highways cutting all trees on roadsides, poor farmers selling their trees , forests getting diminished, millions of ha of forest land being encroached or converted for mining lease or simply forests get drying due to disease , termites. This is happening because plant live in associations. Ramgarh lake which supplied to the entire city of Jaipur is totally dry and part of it is colonized.

Times of India  (28th May 2012) has reported that drought has killed 23 elephants in Karnataka alone due to dehydration. This happened in an area of 643 sq km Nagarahole tiger reserve region in the period between January to May. Last year 13 elephants died due to drought. Many of these deaths have been due to dehydration and intestinal infections caused by contaminated water. “ The drought has led to the level in water bodies fallingdrastically, underground water has also dried up . As a result they areconsuming contaminated water. “ as reported to TOI by Chief conservator of forests , Project elephant . Besides the elephant have very little high quality foliage due to lack of rain.

Deforestations are playing havoc while mining is rampant and uncontrolled in many cases.


Is there no future greenery  or elephants or tigers to be left for our children or grandchildren to see ?  How will they survive in polluted world.  If all vegetation and forests and plants will be destroyed on earth , no life forms can survive as only plants have the capacity to convert carbon dioxide in to oxygen( by the process of photolysis of water and releasing oxygen from water molecule )and photosynthesis is only process to do so till date in economically viable terms.

Protect plants to protect lives on earth.