Fast urban development, rapid population growth, and industrialization are turning cities in nightmares of traffic jams and pollution levels of air, water and groundwater are alarming. From West Bengal ( Arsenic levels), to Rajasthan ( Fluoride levels and secondary salinization due to irrigation water salinity) , western ghats to kanyakumari to sunderbans situation is alarming One of my friend asked me I should give solutions also to the problems of pollution of water and air. The only agent to provide energy, remove pollution and reduce the carbon emission levels while still keeping same levels of industrial growth are PLANTS. "Human life" came to the earth after the plants were there to sustain it. Keeping forests alive on Himalayas,Aravallis, on river banks can prevent silting. Waste recyling can be done by plants. Plants can absorb pollutants from air water and soil including heavy metals . Plants can also stabilize sand dunes and prevent desertification. Plants are the only solution to save human life and civilization.