Global level climate change comes from individuals and their collective activities and can be solved at individual level only not by targets set at Copenhagen or Kyoto.

We pollute the climate by our activities e.g. using refrigerators, air conditioners, polythene bags, growing corps of rice and sugarcane even in water deficient areas, bringing water through canals in sandy areas and not managing the vegetation of the areas, using excess of transportation , not remaining in home and devoting time to families instead running on roads finding peace on air and road and travel destinations.

Now tell me who is creating pollution ? Going away from nature , destroying nature, destroying vegetation, polluting forests and even Himalayas, and Everest, and we imagine that some rich nations will provide some billion dollars and that will solve the problem of climate change. Its individual and its habit is causing climate change and not the developed or developing countries. The basic meaning of replacing fossil fuel with biofuel is to raise plants which are renewable sources of energy with proper selection and local adaptability to grow on marginal or uncultivable lands.

Promoting biofuels at the cost of food was not my idea nor any body supported it, but economics make the things workout and not the ideas. If farmers gets more money by growing biofuels who will grow food ?

Search the souls and find out who is causing pollution on roads, who is throwing plastics and polluting atmosphere. When I read 50 page news paper my heart withers with pain because it takes plants to be cut to produce news print and printing colour pages largely for the ads of goods or depicting personal lives of individuals whom we call celebrities having broken marriages and love affairs creates pollution of mind.

If all individuals care for environment , geographical, social, moral , political, and clean their houses, localities, cities, and nations with some basic understanding and love for mother nature the global warming problems will be solved. Revert back to the arms of mother nature for your survival. NGOs the money gulping self financing groups can neither solve nor provide any solutions for climate change because it’s the individuals and not the nations which create pollution.

Revert back to nature and naturalists for your survival and not look towards developed countries or developing countries and their prime ministers and presidents to come with kitty of money to offer to solve the problems of global warming if we as individual don’t stop to contribute for it .