Global warming and climate change issues need a global outlook Recently I attended a conference which was supposed to be court for the trying the cases of global warming and present the report for the Copenhagen meeting. Most of the farmers said they are not getting enough rain now, not enough produce is coming to their field, soil is getting degraded, excess water availability is causing salinity their cattlefolk is not giving same yields. Some pointed out that it’s the farmers and villagers themselves who have cut down the forests others said it’s the greed of the people to sell the wood at higher costs and make a fast buck others said that during years of famine the only source of income is selling the trees cut from the woods legally or illegally. Some said you grow Eucalyptus others said it absorbs too much water so you cut them down. Others grew Prosopis juliflora and some advocated it harmed in Australia so it will harm in India also and remove the plants. They removed the plants on the hills of Amber fort of Jaipur and now the pond below is dry. They put the idols in rivers and water bodies the fish died and so died the water body also. Rivers are no more than drains and used for throwing the industrial pollutants . Dying industry of poor countries producing fabric for export using natural colours or hand made papers pollute the water also deep waters . With the advent of electricity and availability of drilling machines now they dig the deep wells and pump saline water hence lands are being degraded. Agroclimatic zones determine vegetation and vegetation determines the support of life. Now there is going to be meeting on climate change which is buzz word for taking foreign jaunts and presenting lop sided cases of pollution and climate change unmindful of deforestation. The need of the hour is forestation and preventing 70 percent of the world population in developing countries from using forest wood for fire and providing alternative fuel for their home and stoves, improving biofuel use efficiency reducing size of news paper as each page of the new paper comes form plants or its products, reduce consumption of plastics, take care of water bodies and provide alternative sources of energy. Why concentrating on biofuel is necessary because it helps restore climate on the soil and environmental conditions. If all people of world stop driving cars or flying on planes and remain confined to their houses for one year but still 70 percent of the world population drive their cooking devices from forest wood the climate change will still take place. Its time that we stop who is doing what and start doing what we can do to protect our planet. Its not replacing fossil fuel with biofuel its growing green plants which will save our planet provide water and keep soil in good health. Earth is a living creature on totality save it from dying at a very fast rate. Remember we are part of ecosystem not master of it.