There are only some science subjects if you go by the word science i.e. social science , political science, military science which have science word attached to them . Clearly they deal with society but they actually deal with science of society. What makes a society , Why people follow social norms, Why people like to stick to their tribes, castes or clan or national identities. What has led to evolution of ruling systems in the world King and Queen have vanished from the scenes of some nation but they still are there in some in different form. Why people go to listen to one leader in huge numbers and dont go to listen to him after some years or go more in numbers How you can tranform public gathering into votes. How democratic systems rely on mass votings and why do people vote en mass? Where is security and freedom of speech in different parts of the world. Most interesting is how people behave collectively. There was era of war when entire world was fighting some say it lasted for 100 years or some 30 years or some centuries. Then came era of democratization and monarchs lost their powers? Democracy is thought to be best way of selfrule. The one argument which the slave nations put forward before getting freedom was that once the freedom is granted to them they will serve their own people better and wont plunder the wealth of the nation. What has changed when the systems have changed Some times the leaders dont represent will of their people or somtimes people think differently but are bound by the elected representaitves views for another 5 years or so. One has to have public appeal, a good orator, with huge amount of money and muscle power and good connections to find a place in some democratic societies in some parts of the globe but it differes with the time zone and geographical locations. People say there is wave of this or that party Which hormones make people think alike. Perhaps science may one day make such an advancement in mind reading that speeches will attract people and people will wote for them. Film stars , preachers, rich people , or some gifted people have mass appeal . Some politicians are none of these but are respected all over the world and rated very high as statesman. Democracy is a complex process of election but its the only way out unless we start welcoming autocracy again. People will decide but can social science find some way influence thinking of the people.