Scientific Name Leucas cephalotes (Roth) Spreng. Family Lamiaceae Used Part Inflorescence Distribution Area Himalayan and Madesh and Terai region of Nepal at 100 to 200 m and ascending up to 1,800 m. in the Himalayas. Common Uses The flowers are administered in the form of a syrup as a domestic remedy for coughs and colds. Kaccordi oil, Lasunaghrtam, Pathadigulika, Kompancadi gulika, are some of the preparations using this durg. Used in “Vata” and “Pitta”, in coughs and colds, anorexia, dyspepsia, fever, helminthic manifestations, jaundice, psoriasis, respiratory diseases and skin diseases. Similar crude drugs Leucas aspera (Willd.)Spr. and Leucas stricta Benth are also used to obtain similar drug.