Marshlands are to be protected for human survival and survival of sea animals Shedding "crocodile tears" or as my father used to quote "why to cry over spilled milk" or as I would say " why to cry over spilled oil " is no longer useful in protecting mother earth. Marshlands are to be protected and not to be drilled or colonised if human race has to survive another 1000 year or so. Oyster fishing , shrimps fishing is being adversely affected by oil companies laying pipelines on the coastal areas and destroying the marshlands. Oil is important but human life is much more important. Nature has made typical marshlands, coastal reefs, coastal marshlands, sea coasts, and beaches not to be encroached by human inhabitants but to be preserved for safety and survival of coastal populations. Be it Louisiana coast or Sunder bans or North sea or any other coastal area it has been encroached upon and the natural vegetation typical to the area is systematically destroyed.CNN and BBC have given enough coverage to this effect. What one needs to understand the forests on hills, are equally important but coastal areas where 40 percent of human populations lives are more prone to nature’s fury. Please protect coasts to protect human lives and future of mother earth. "Lip sympathy" is not enough its time to do something positive. Protect marshlands to protect human survival.