During a meeting of Plant tissue culture association wonderful explanations about the genomes of rice strctural and functional genomics are presented. At the same time a a dozen or more presentations are about transgenic plants and some on plant tissue culture. Where will the botanist go if all the plant sciences is now  molecular biology We do need people with fundamental knowledge of structure and function of plants discover new plants as sources of drug and food fiberand fodder from amongst the unutilized plants.
In the realm of GM crops and transgenics pure botany is lost and persons working with whole plant system are rated and funded poorly
Now who will identify the plants if taxonomists are not there, who will explain seed physiology or pathology or embryology in its basics. It was British time when the flora of India was compiled. Botanical Survey of India is doing excellent work but who will create love for plants.
Planners dont wink for  second to cut 200 yr old tree to make new roads. Water tables are going down and down.
Besides molecular biologists winning the race with time let the plant biologists combine and form a plant biology stronger and let the people and Govt realise the world would cease to exist if plants would not cover the mother earth. Molecules cant provide us food. Plants can.