Instead of reduction of emissions let us concentrate on making this world greener all over globally. Today was sad day of my life when I saw picture of vehicles parked in the area that used to be a sort of lake or big pond below the world famous fort Amber fort. Its hind pond has dried. Pushker lake is dried. Ramgarh lake of Jaipur has dried. Water table has gone as low as 1200 feet. The deep water is full of fluoride and heavy metals unfit for agriculture and drinking . We are trying to bring water from Bisalpur to Jaipur. Bisalpur dam is drying > Will there be Jaipur from 50 years from now. Make it green give back its greenary. When it used to be dense forests on hills of Jaipur the rainwater used to trickle down to mavathas below on ground. Without IIT and 40 Engineering colleges in one city Jaipur was planned in such a way that it did not suffer water loss. What have be made of Jaipur in 60 or so years of freedom. Its shame to see the barren hills of Jaipur in Ramgarh. The greed of man has brought us to the brink of extinction. Will someone read this and rescue the city from doom as there can be no life without water and there can be no water without platns. Govindjee is right in saying Photosynthesis is at the heart of all our lives. Live and let live.