A large number of hydrocarbon yielding plants like Calotropis procera, Euphorbia antisyphilitica have been

reported to yield bio-fuel products. Attempts have been made to increase their growth and hydrocarbon yield potential.

Studies were conducted to improve growth and productivity of these plants under field conditions In Rajasthan, Calotropis

procera grows wild while Euphorbia antisyphilitica has been introduced from Mexico. Jatropha grows wild in south east

Rajasthan which lies on south east side of Aravalli hill range which roughly divides the state in semi-arid and arid regions.

Detailed studies have been conducted on the growth and cultivation and improvement of hydrocarbon contents of Calotropis

procera and Euphorbia antisyphilitica. 12 accessions of Calotropis procera were analysed and their growth parameters

studied at the Energy Plantation Demonstration Centre, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur under Department of Biotechnology

project. Details of the investigation shall be presented.

Keywords: Biomass resources, Biomass production, Biodiesel.