When I was student at University of Rajasthan and lived in Gokhle hostel room number 6 in 1965 there was strong debate on nuclear reactors, nuclear energy, nuclear power, nuclear non proliferation treaty , horizontal and vertical spread of nuclear power and I still remember one Mr Kaushik who was doing Ph.D. (and lived in room number 8 ) took long time to explain pros and cons of nuclear power. Nuclear non proliferation horizontal and vertical . One looks only at good points of nuclear power and imagines all is going to be well for all times to come. One can not visualize the dangers of nuclear spill and it getting out of control. We wish all the good things to all the nations and all the world but the words of Mr Kaushik always haunted me " what will happen if the nuclear spill takes place " "what will happen if nuclear power goes to wrong hands" and and and we argued whole night . In the end he always won as he was against using nuclear reactors. "Nuclear reactors are inevitiable for growth" Making and getting energy from non conventional sources is safe and easay and they dont pose threat to any nation any time . Can sea water provide source of energy using tidal waves to run turbines? Biomass, Biofuel, solar energy , energy recycling all are slow and time cousuming but is it necessary to live a life to "too much " and exposing to the threats of nuclear energy or to "live less happy " but safe . You have to decide .