I was deeply shocked to see row of trees drying up on the road leading the highest level of Govt of Rajasthan officials colony in Jaipur Gandhinagar. Someone chose to remove barks of these trees. I saw a large number of trees being axed a bit like wounding a persons legs with sword and cutting out the outer skin only. Only bark of the plants have the living tissue for survival: Phloem and primary and secondary cortex are the living tissue needed for survival of the plants while the wood is dead wood ( heart wood is darker in color surrounded by light coloured sap wood) . The modus operandi is simple. Remove the bark at the bottom of the tree trunk . This is followed gradually up to the top of the tree. Like a wounded leg , the wounded tree trunk will be attacked by several wood rotting fungi to hasten the death of the tree. One can witness a large number of such "dying trees" in Raja park ( incidentally this famous colony has no park ) and different roads of Jaipur . Even in University of Rajasthan campus where I served for over 38 years and took great pains to plant "Neem " trees opposite Zoology Department the story is being repeated on young trees. It is almost impossible to catch such people as they hurt the tree each day a bit by bit and tree starts drying up soon. Some people earn their livlihood by cutting and selling trees and this is best method to kill the trees. I saw this happening on different roads and even highways like an invasion on trees by some unknown killers the " Human beings and pathogens " . There is punishment for killing a person ; life imprisonment or death penalty. It is for killing a person. If one kills a tree he or she is killing the entire human population in times to come . There is no punishment for killing a tree and once the tree is dried up it is auctioned as dry wood. It is not crime to cut and sell dead wood or a dead tree. There is urgent need to check those removers of bark and killers of trees but perhaps there are no laws for killer of trees. Will someone listen to cry of trees ?