Yamuna (Popularly called Kalindi or Jamuna )flows through holy towns of Vrindavan and Mathura before reaching city of Taj Mahal is dying. After its origin in Jamnotri in Himalayas the holy river flows through Saharanpur, Gaziabad, Noida and Yamunanagar of Haryana, Capital city of India Delhi , Vrindavan and city of lord Krishna Mathura before reaching to city of Taj Agra. During short visit to Agra this week I was deeply shocked to see the plight of Jamuna. It was a sad story that river which was flowing at 499.3 feet a danger mark on 26th September 2010 (just around 4 months back) is now at its lowest level recorded last week at Jevan Mandi is 481 feet and if it goes down to 479 feet city of Agra will not get water ( source Amar Ujala daily hindi news paper). That means a river which was flowing at danger mark just 4 months ago is almost dry now taking a shape of small drain or nallah. A deeper study is needed to come to some remedial measures but what has been reported and documented is worth examining. The water colour is dark, with bad odour. No doubt with industrial development and population growth in Delhi alone 190 drains put their water into river Yamuna. Shahpura Nallah in Haryan gives maximum pollution to the river. Pollution due to industrial activity is increasing in Delhi, Haryana and Mathura and Agra itself with industries using river flow to put their drainage in to them. A closer examination is needed and how much of the industrial and municipal waste and sewage water passes through water treatment plants before discharging the polluted water in to river is a matter to be taken care by concerned authorities. River beds are full of silt, sand and polythene and industrial and city waste pollutants which do not allow the percolation of the water to the soil. Heaps of solid waste, dead animals, waste from saree industries and silver industries directly flowing into river Jamuna is causing grave pollution. It was heartening to note that a daily Hindi news paper Amar Ujala has taken up this issue ( editor@agr.amarujala.com) under Jamuna Bachao (Save Yamuna) campaign. Let us all participate to protect river Jamuna and make it clean . Some time ago Jamuna action plan was initiated but what is the outcome. Let likeminded persons unite and save Jamuna from drying. Jamuna is life line of millions of people of India and let us save it to save our environment and human lives as recently lots of diseases of skin, breathing system , impotency have been reported in some villages through which the river Jamuna flows. (Source: Amar Ujala, daily hindi news paper Agra )