In years past, Hollywood portrayed men in science as geeks (nerdy and not sexy) or freaks (mad and psychotic). Now and again though, they'll create one that really has us ladies slathering. Setting aside the scientific improbability and fallibility of these sci-fi flicks, here's my list of Hollywood's Top 10 Sexiest Men in Science.

I'm probably going to receive a lot of flack about whether all these men are "really" scientists, but it's sci-fi!  Note: This list was created as a backlash to Cash's article "Scientists As Portrayed in Pop Culture," a top ten list documenting Hollywood's sexiest female scientists.

10. Dennis Quaid as "Jack Hall" in The Day After Tomorrow (2004), Government Climatologist

In The Day After Tomorrow, Jack Hall is on a crusade against global warming, and he warns the US Vice President of Earth's impending doom, only too late. The melting of polar ice has disrupted the North Atlantic current. Eek! Expressing great love and intense desire to be a better father, Jack Hall dons his arctic gear for a long trek to a frozen Manhattan, where his son is trapped at the New York Public Library.

9. Scott Bakula as "Dr. Sam Beckett" in Quantum Leap (series), Quantum Physicist 

In Quantum Leap, Sam Beckett, along with pal Al, spearhead a time-travel experiment called "Project Quantum Leap," based on a string theory Sam developed while at MIT. In a brave, but foolhardy, attempt to prove his theories, Sam steps into the nuclear accelerator chamber and leaps back in time. During his journeys, Sam is able to literally walk in other men's and women's shoes. He's a sympathetic science and sexy to boot, all the while, hoping his next jump will bring him back to the love of his life (Teri Hatcher).

8. Russell Crowe as "John Forbes Nash" in A Beautiful Mind (2001), Mathematician/Economist

Okay, I might get a lot of flack for this selection here, because math as science is always up for debate, but I just couldn't omit Russell Crowe from the list. In A Beautiful Mind, Crowe plays John Nash, a Nobel Laureate in economics, for his concept of governing dynamics, a theory in mathematical economics. He transforms from brilliant MIT professor to crazy schizo--still, there's no denying he's a beautiful man. I have to say he's much more huggable as a schizo than a hotel guest with a telephone. I love his hair style and the intense concentration of his look that says, "I'll write equations all over your naked body if you let me..."

7. Hugh Laurie as "Gregory House" in House (television series),
Specialties in Infectious Diseases and Nephrology

This  bad boy medical genius studied medicine at John Hopkins Medical School, and heads a team of diagnosticians at the fictional Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. House is the ultimate anti-hero. He's a skinny, sometimes sick-looking, vicodin addict who always speaks his mind, which sometimes gets him into trouble. But at the end of the day, House's unorthodox diagnostic approaches save lives. The character is partly inspired by Sherlock Holmes, who also suffered from a drug addiction to cocaine. Tom Shales of The Washington Post called House "the most electrifying character to hit television in years", no doubt in part to House's hypnotizing stare.

6. James Callis as "Gaius Baltar" in Battlestar Galactic (television series), Computer Scientist, Caprican Defense Researcher

I am not personally turned on by Gaius, but there's just something about the guy that has women saying, "Yes, please." Cylon Number Six, played by the attractive Tricia Helfer, is obsessed with him--so that makes him hotter, plus he's got a cult following of female zealots who hang on to his every word. Sexiest quality: His fake Caprican accent--Gaius really hails from the colony of Aerelon, but Callis was born in London.

5. Sendhil Ramamurthy as "Mohinder Suresh" in Heroes (television series), Genetics Professor at the University of Madras, PhD in parapsychology

Not only is Suresh incredibly sexy and smart, two things no woman can withstand, he's also caring, which can be seen in his treatment of Maya. Suresh is also the sexy-voiced narrator of the Heroes series, opening and closing every episode with poetic words to inspire thought in viewers. In episode "The Second Coming," Suresh commits the ultimate scientific crime, injecting himself with newly concocted superpower serum without testing it. The result: super strength and gigantic peeling boils all over his back. GROSS! I'm hoping Suresh's buggy days, a la The Fly, are in the past, otherwise, he'll have to be removed from the list, like Jeff Goldblum. Sexiest trait: Hot bod minus the boils.

4. Robert Downy Jr. as "Tony Stark" in Iron Man (2008), Engineer, MIT Summa cum laude

Tony Stark, the sexy bachelor of Stark Enterprises is a "cool exec with a heart of steel," but as Iron Man, he fights terrorists with genius, having graduated from MIT with advanced degrees in physics and engineering. There's something about a smart playboy that really intrigues me. It can't be just his money. Sexiest trait: not his goatee.

3. Will Smith as "Robert Neville" in I am Legend (2007), Virologist
In I am Legend, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Neville is a virologist living an abandoned New York City, ground zero of a pandemic that's left the infected looking like zombie vampires. Seemingly alone in the world, Neville sinks into a psychological depression, all the while missing his family and blaming the apocalypse on his failures as a scientist.Throughout the movie, I felt both pity and love for the sexy hero, always wondering how terrible life could be if Will Smith and I were the last people on earth.

Spoiler Alert! If you were totally depressed by the theatrical ending of I Am Legend, check out the alternate ending. Also, in a 1971 film adaptation of I am Legend, Charlton Heston played "Robert Neville" in The Omega Man. Although Heston is incredibly sexy, he's been left off this list because of the sheer awfulness of the movie. 

2. Harrison Ford as "Indiana Jones" in the Indiana Jones Quadrilogy, Professor of Archaeology and History at fictional Marshall College in Connecticut.

Indiana Jones is the James T. Kirk of archaeology, shooting first and asking questions later. He's old school, less about digging up dino bones and more about grave robbing. Despite the lukewarm reviews of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Indiana hasn't lost any of his dashing handsomeness. He's equipped with brains, charisma, a leather jacket and fedora, plus, he beats down Nazis--no girl stands a chance. Sexiest trait: the scar running along his chin, which says, "Yes ladies, I am mortal. I am of this earth..."

Indiana Jones tops my sexiest male scientist of Hollywood list, but have I forgotten someone?

1. ? I've left the number one spot open for you to post whomever you feel is the sexiest! But really I don't think anyone can top Indiana Jones.

Noticeably absent from this list: Ghostbuster, Egon Spengler, who I think is pretty cute, and all of the Hulks who were not sexy, green or otherwise.