The premise of this two-part blog post is that this presidential campaign has outdone every other. This time, the altered reality has already transpired and the election itself will be an anti-climax of sorts. Last time we discussed the already-accomplished apotheosis of Hillary Clinton. Believe it or not, today we investigate the strangest secret of contemporary presidential politics: the serial resurrection of one Donald J. Trump.

 About the Apotheosis of Donald J. Trump

It was a few days before the second presidential debate when that video tape was revealed. You know what video tape I mean – that video tape. It was hard to swallow and impossible to live down – not just for Donald Trump, but for his supporters. This video tape was so raunchy that only the truest-bluest Trump supporters would be able to live through it without flinching. Meanwhile, the press declared Donald Trump DOA – they all unanimously declared him to be dead on arrival for the next debate – until and unless he could proffer some kind of miraculous recovery for the American people.

 Rewind with me for one second - going back to June of 2015, when Trump came down the escalator stairs with his wife, Melania, and made that announcement of his presidency. You know what announcement I mean – that announcement. The one where he said out loud and apparently unashamed, that Mexicans were coming over the border unchecked, some of them were rapists, and some of them were murderers, and he was sure some of them were nice people, but overall this could not go on because America needs a border that is secure in order to be secure as America. His statement was so brash, so politically incorrect that only some kind of die-hard, old-school, reactionary, radical could respond to it seriously before they were excoriated by the PC police in an instant. Right? Meanwhile, the press declared Donald Trump DOA – they all unanimously declared him to be dead on arrival for the next polling of the American electorate – until and unless he could proffer some kind of miraculous recovery for the American people.

 In other words, to cut to the chase, an argument could be made that every single day of his presidential campaign, Donald Trump has been declared to be unfit, DOA upon election day, and on his death bed as a would-be presidential candidate. Every single day of his primary and presidential campaign performance life he has been declared as having just committed political suicide by most, if not all, of the punditry, the press and the media, and every single day he has managed to resurrect himself, and live to fight another day.

 It was particularly spectacular when it happened during the second debate – when he turned his would-be, rumored death into a self-righteous prosecution of Hillary’s case. He managed to say that although he had been guilty of saying rude things, she and her husband had been guilty of far worse, and for accusing him of wrongdoing, she should be ashamed of herself. I am quite sure that no one, including Hillary, expected Trump to come back with a 180-degree turnaround punch like that within 15 minutes of starting the second debate. It was like watching the resurrection of Donald Trump, and it happened right before our eyes.

 The funny thing is that the media did not announce the resurrection of Donald Trump the day after the debate. If he had been killed dead during the debate, then they would have officially pronounced him dead after the debate. But, since he had managed to resurrect himself against all pronouncements of death – again – through the sheer force of his will, the response of the press was to live to fight another day, and to cover Trump – as if it was any other day, and that meant they went back to pronouncing his campaign to be on the verge of death. In other words, when Trump is almost dead, he is pronounced dead. When he is alive and kicking, he is pronounced as being on the verge of death. The only reason the media could jump on Trump’s back and start digging in their heels again, was because he was still alive. He refused to die like any decent person would. In some sense, Trump has already been killed, and then resurrected himself from the dead, more times than any politician would dream of enduring, and lived to tell about it. Trump has come back from the dead more times than Jason.

 There has never been a presidential candidate with this many resurrections to their credit, and the continual excoriation of Trump in the news by the press has itself become a tribute to the staying power of Trump and his base. No normal public person could plan on predicting and executing their own resurrection from the dead, again and again. Trump has made a career out of flirting with death – he laughs in the face of death, then turns around and does something else he is not supposed to do – just to show he does not care what anybody thinks. His detractors never cease to react with hair-pulling histrionics. His base never tires of seeing another Houdini-like escape from the clutches of certain political death.

 His performance is not only larger than life, what Trump has already accomplished will leave American politics changed forever. There has never been a clearer awareness in this country of the right to uphold a BREXIT type of difference between maintaining sovereignty and glory of country versus going global, becoming a globalist, and following the rest of the cattle into the last trough on the planet, to the crack of a George Soros whip.

 The funny thing about Americans, and what sets us apart from everybody else, is our peculiar identity – there is something about what it means to be American, and everybody is struggling to find their own experience of it. Every American has an identity that is a combination of Daniel Boone, John Wayne, and Elvis Presley. We are rugged individuals, pioneers, and self-made men – and all of that goes for all of the women, too. In America, a woman is allowed to have everything any man ever had. We all want that identity – that rugged individual who will flip the bird at the establishment, and cut their own path to what it means to be their own person. That’s who Donald Trump is, too, and his base gets him as that kind of person. They say the test of a presidential candidate is to ask people who would you rather spend an afternoon with at an outdoor bar-b-cue? I think the real question is, who would you rather have as a teammate in the fight for your life?

 Americans understand that Hillary Clinton and her base want a nice place where everyone has freedom, and no one has to do what their evil forefathers tell them to do. That is the dream of every American. In fact, it is something we all share from being teenagers and contemplating our own preparation to leave home for the first time.

 Teens have to hate their parents, anywhere from a little to a lot. It is part of the social psychological process of becoming independent thinkers who will be able to raise their own progeny one day. So, they leave home, and proceed to do something so horrible that it would make their parents die if they found out. And then they have to turn around and make sure their parents do find out. And then, if they survive adolescence to become adults, they become filled with the anxiety of proving themselves, of being perceived as normal people. They fight and struggle, they have their own children, they have their own dreams, and then one day, the strangest thing happens. They get off the phone with one of their parents and remark to themselves that the older they get, the smarter their parents seem to get.

 There is a scientific term for this in social psychology – it’s called the circle of life.

 Americans all want human rights for everyone. Even though a lot of contemporary, postmodern, liberals want to eschew white male culture from life as we know it because white men are all hateful, evil, worthless bigots, it was a bunch of white men who wrote the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, when absolutely no other founding fathers of any country on Earth ever had as much theoretical vision for framing a New Jerusalem. Any American who stops being proud of that has a problem that no one on Earth will ever solve. Just ask Eddie Snowden – he cannot wait to come home. Eddie Snowden, who just grew up the hard way, would rather take his chances on sitting in prison in America for years than running away like a free-range liberal to roam anywhere else on Earth. It’s called the circle of life, and no one is immune from it. We all take our turn at the wheel. Deep down, we all just want to be Americans, and we all are just trying to be Americans, in our own pioneering, revolutionary ways.

~End 2 of 2~