If there was one theme that qualified the new politically correct definition of morality in higher education it was the idea that the new Affirmative Action professoriate wanted to do away with everything about civilization that white men had created. If a white man had made it or done it, then they wanted to get rid of it. They actually became extremely vocal about the premise of doing away with the white man’s civilization and replacing it. Shakespeare, high theory, the foundations of social science – all of it could be thrown out if it was the product of DEWMS (dead European white men) and that is precisely what would be the fulfillment of the real revolution that had barely come into being as a civil rights movement and a women’s liberation movement in the US. People wonder where college students today get all their crazy liberal ideas: from there professors, that’s where. If you want to learn how to make a career out of being victimized, and how to angle for a handout at every turn, the new Affirmative Action professoriate will take you to a safe space where you can learn to cry tears of exploitation that might be worth their weight in gold someday.

Once you start singing the anthem of the victimized, marginalized individual who is not a white man, then you just keep singing for all it’s worth. Magically, everything that is wrong with society will become the white man’s fault, and this can earn you a pay-out. It must be true because even white men like Bernie Sanders will explain it all carefully to you. He knows how to get elite white men to give everyone else free college. All the people have to do is wake up and realize they deserve it. Ultimately, everything that is great about society will be appropriated by the whole world, and everyone will finally be able to enjoy it without having the white man around to ruin it.

In defining the new social order of the politically correct marginalized person who had been maligned all along by the white man, white women were fully accepted as members in good standing in the full-on movement to globalize the liberalization of everyone who is not a white man. After all, when any liberal talked about social injustice and gender inequality, then any white women could also chime in for having been victimized by white men. It was an all-out liberal war against the white man. It had been fomented, and brought to life, and anyone who does not understand that is missing the point of liberalism and being fully liberalized in the USA in the 21st century. This line of thinking was like dry fodder waiting to be lit and give rise to a thousand points of light that would liberate the world from the white man, and change it forever into a new world order where everyone who was not a white man would thrive and white men would be where they belong: at the bottom of the social structure.

Then, something happened that no one could have predicted or foreseen: Barrack Obama. For the liberals of the new age it was like throwing gasoline on their fire. Everything about Obama represented everything about that liberal movement. I would contend that it was something that few people could understand outside of America. Although Obama was given the rock star treatment by the whole world, no one outside of America really knows what it is like to be white or black in America. For the world, Obama was cool. For the liberals of America, Obama was the second coming. It’s the great man theory – when the right man meets the right times, there is nothing anybody can do to stop the force of it. Hillary was hoping to catch the same wave, and so was Marco Rubio. It must be the dream of every professional politician to be that IT person who is the right person for the times. In Barrack Obama, identity politics blazed and soared to new heights. The attraction of putting a black man in the white house could not be denied. America is an exciting country full of people who want to be the first to try new things. Barrack Obama was the most exciting thing to hit America since The Beatles.  Unfortunately, what became apparent as Hillary lost out is that the blazing glory of Obama’s identity politics had fizzled out for everyone else like a dud firecracker on the 4th of July.

By 2015, America had lost most of its manufacturing base and committed to a slow downward economic spiral, which looks like a flat line when graphed. We have no growth, the stock market is fine, but we have no growth to speak of and no new business startups. We are moving sideways. That means we have achieved a medieval economy – no growth, we just keep moving sideways. The 2008 recession crippled economic growth in America once and for all. It sealed the fate of a country that had lost its manufacturing base, and was now beginning to lose respect for itself. The promise of a new world order loomed on the horizon. We were told it would be a borderless world where multiculturalism and diversity would rule the day. Everyone would be the same and everyone would be beautiful, and there would be no rule by the white man to ruin it all. In the new borderless world, there would be large economic markets like the European Union, which had provided an early model for this brave new world order. Countries would no longer matter.

In the new world order, a country’s government is just a techno-nanny state that places its nipple in the mouth of the individual who sucks for all its worth. Either you are wealthy, or you benefit from the government handouts – everyone gets a handout. You get free college and free health care and Willy Wonka even gives you a free golden ticket so you get free all-you-can-eat candy forever. It’s the socialist welfare state, and you are either a pimple on the face of it or a wealthy power elite, but everyone is taken care of because all cultures are equal. Its cultural relativism – everybody is exactly the same, and everyone is beautiful.

In reality, all ends would be played against the middle. Corporate entities would garner immense global power because it was all about economics and in the new world order anyone [any corporation] could make anything anywhere they wanted to, and then turn around and sell it anywhere they wanted to, and that meant everyone would be free. But, in truth, the workers everywhere would be rendered worthless because there would always be a line stretching around the globe of people waiting to get work. Corporate entities could always threaten to take the jobs from one place and move them to another place, especially if the workers in any one place got restless and started doing something crazy like demanding their rights or higher pay.

Somehow Obama legitimated all of this. Add one more ingredient and you have the recipe for a perfect conflagration of liberal fire: the media – who were promised the role of the new aristocrats in the new world order. The same people who have been convened for their annual Bilderberger meetings (http://bilderbergmeetings.org/) in which they are told they are the new elite and that the world is moving inexorably and inevitably towards globalization. The same people who were told it was their calling and their mission in life to help this to happen, and to help it be a smooth transition, since it was inevitable anyway.

Now take all of the above, mash it up, and you have the recipe for the most volatile presidential election in history. Yet, even though the election is over, the whole world is waiting to see what will happen next because this entire new world order thing is now revealing itself to be a critical point of articulation for society as we know it – at least in the western hemisphere. We have all had this liberal-Screw-the-White-Man-global-economy-new-world-order-thing crammed down our throats for decades now, but two points make a line, and the recent presidential election together with the recent BREXIT vote, have signaled that things were not as they had seemed.

*   *  *  *   *

 There is an old saying: “You become what you hate.” The problem with the liberal Screw the White Man movement is that it only represented the black civil rights and women’s liberation movements entering their adolescence with a vengeance and vowing to kill off the parents they had hated for so long. All adolescents have to hate their parents, have to dream about leaving home, leaving their lifelong state of perpetual domination by parents who don’t get them, and striking out into a brave new world where they will finally do everything exactly the way they always wanted to do it. When the Black civil rights movement and the women’s liberation movement joined hands in the last few decades and announced a brave new world in which all the rules would be revised and civilization as we had known it would be torn down, deconstructed and built back up again in the image of a Black man or a white woman, or anyone who was not a white man, and when it became vigilant and self-righteous to the point of allowing itself any lie or manipulation to get what it wanted, to help what they knew was right and best for the world to actually happen, that is when then they committed the ultimate sin: they had merely become what they had hated all along.



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~The End~