Terrible science from a time when I knew very little in the domains of both science and writing. I've considered deleting this post but feel that would be a disservice to my prior self.

If quantum mechanics is correct than everything in the universe would have a subtle affect on our life due to its gravitational force. This force alter on what plankian size of time-space we are existing in. By moving this place the quarks are in the brain cells you completely change there likelihood of making random quantum fluctuations(like my brain cell deciding to randomly jump to pluto and chill).

    Any minute change in position of my developing brain cells would have another chance to have a different space in time-sapce at one time. Thus if there was one more star in the universe just by adding one star I would have developed into a different person with the quantum possibility.

    The shear magnitude of the number of them would give me more and more chances, almost infinite* (i say infinite because it would make it more beautiful mathematically), for them to warp somewhere else. This could possibly explain how some cells just randomly die. Maybe one of its quarks just decided it didn't like it anymore and decide to go to star 35789810. This would probably cause the cell stress but would not kill it. Slowly as more and more quarks do this the more the cell gets damaged forcing it to die.

    Different positions of the stars force your cells to either grow do completeness or die off. This would make each individual person develop their own personality according to the different gravitational forces they experience. Thus patterns would begin to emerge in people with similar gravitational forces. And the bigger the gravitational force (ie the things closest to us the sun, the planets, comets) the bigger the consistencies.

Conclusion: astrology is supported by quantum mechanics

*100 billion brain cells X 10^14 (number of atoms in cell) X number of quarks in atom