In his book on infidelity, “The Truth about Cheating: Why Men Stray and What you can do to Prevent it,” M. Gary Neuman asked the men he surveyed the following two questions.

a)    Was Sex much different (physically) than sex with the wife?
b)    Was Sex not much different (physically) than sex with the wife?   

The answer:
a) Sex was much different than sex with the wife -68%

Of course the question is why?

In an earlier post I had mentioned that according to Neuman, “the number one way the other woman differed from the cheating man’s wife was that she made him feel wanted, loved, and appreciated – 28%.”

Neuman therefore speculates:

“Was the sex better because the mistress had some skill that the wives did not? Unlikely….More likely, the answer is that the emotional part of the relationship created a better sexual relationship.”