Last April, Kraft Heinz announced it would remove artificial flavors, preservatives and dyes from its iconic Blue Box, and did exactly that in December.
Kraft Mac&Cheese replaced artificial dyes (yellow 5 and 6) with paprika, annatto and turmeric to maintain its signature color. This change has been listed in the ingredient line for the past few months. There are also no artificial flavors or preservatives in the new recipe.

So what? That's just it. In what they are calling "the world's largest taste test", no one noticed. So what does that tell you? To the company, it is a win because the taste is the same. To more scientifically-astute consumers, it means the change was a placebo. Moms, kids and even dogs tried the new recipe without detecting a difference. And you are not going to be any healthier, or unhealthier, than you were eating the old kind.

“It’s changed. But it hasn’t.” is the message of a major integrated marketing campaign launching today. The effort features former Daily Show and Late, Late Show host Craig Kilborn who brings his signature style to unveil the world’s largest “blind taste test.”

Will it sell more boxes? It's unclear. General Mills got rid of GMOs and it was a huge flop while Campbell's simply announced it has GMOs on its label and is hoping it will be rewarded for transparency.

The brand will be surprising thousands of consumers with thank you gifts, including free product, celebratory T-shirts and even an oversized macaroni-inspired body pillow. Fans are encouraged to share on Twitter with the hashtag #didntnotice or on the Kraft Mac & Cheese Facebook page.