In the modern regulatory environment, start-ups and smaller companies tend to be less well-known. The costs are increasingly high and its hard to get venture capital funding without  knowing how long it can take to clear government hurdles so if things look promising, companies are acquired instead. 

But some are sticking it out and they are trying to gain momentum as they advance their technologies and produce significant clinical data on the road to eventual commercialization of their technologies. 

A new Research&Markets report profiles 62 companies, a majority of which were founded in the past five years. Most are located in the United States but a few are in Canada, Europe, and Australia. Showing the general trend toward more government-controlled research, approximately 50% of the companies are affiliated with a University, and ten companies have initiated human clinical trials. 

The emerging companies are focused on 11 different therapeutic categories, with oncology leading the way. 

Approximately 25 percent of the companies profiled are developing proprietary technologies designed to improve delivery of macromolecules/biologics.

Another 25 percent of the companies are focused on delivery devices, ranging from inhalation and nasal devices, to more patient-friendly injectable systems. All of the companies investigated are developing technologies that could potentially transform drug delivery in one or more therapeutic areas. 

 The technologies in development are:

- Mini-pump for subcutaneous delivery of IV medications
- Targeted nanoparticle micelles
- Antibody-targeted liposomes
- Abuse-deterrent delivery system
- Dry powder particle processing technology
- Oral capsule technology for biologics
- Nanovesicle delivery system for delivery across the blood-brain barrier
- Timed-release intra-ocular implant device
- Non-invasive aerosol device for brain drug delivery
- Extracellular drug conjugate technology
- Nanoparticles and novel device for CNS and inner ear drug delivery
- Next-generation auto-injector technology
- Nanopolymer drug conjugates
- Microneedle patch system
- Pocket-sized ultrasound delivery device
- Biodegradable, topical drug patch

A partial listing is: 

- Affinity Therapeutics
- Aquarius Biotechnologies
- Axxia Pharmaceuticals
- Blend Therapeutics
- Clearside Biomedical
- Cristal Delivery BV
- DLVR Therapeutics
- EnduRx Pharmaceuticals
- Ekteino Laboratories
- Extend Biosciences
- Inspiro Medical
- KAER Biotherapeutics
- Orbis Biosciences
- Qrono, Inc.
 - Vaxxas