An investigative piece so explosive, no book company marketing hyperbole can be left out.

"After reading BIG FAT LIES you will never trust the government again - Dr John Briffa"

Hannah Sutter says she has used the analytical eyes of a lawyer to look at the facts and myths of obesity, health and diet and says the proportion of men and women classed as obese has risen steeply in recent years, though there has been no particular increase in the number of people who are overweight, and calorie intake has generally decreased. So we are eating less but obesity has increased. What's going on?

Lawyer, and somehow also a diet expert, Hannah Sutter says she has exposed lies, misinformation and distortion in the basic health guidelines promoted by the government, the NHS, the Food Standards Agency and other esteemed 'expert' authorities. From the calorie -counting and exercise myths to the food pyramid, ketosis and BMI misinformation, Sutter says she has uncovered a series of highly disturbing fictions that underpin government health policy throughout the world.

She calls into question received wisdom on the central tenets of health policy with regards to diet and looks at who is advising us and what they are saying, before concluding that we are all being misled. It is the ultimate questioning of the mantra: eat less, do more, lose weight.

After watching two fat men get thin in a way that was simply incompatible with commonly accepted 'expert' dietary advice, Sutter claims she was compelled to discover why. Naturally, that resulted in a money-making venture and so Sutter now runs Go Lower, which she bills as a 'realistic, sustainable, healthy inch-loss program dedicated to good nutrition'.

BIG FAT LIES, ISBN 978-1-906821-37-1 is published by Infinite Ideas, Oxford.