Applications for Templeton-Cambridge Journalism Fellowships In Science And Religion are now open.

The fellowship enables ten print, broadcast or online journalists to pursue an intensive two-month course of study in issues of science and religion. The program includes three weeks of seminars at the university of Cambridge featuring eminent, well-known authorities in the field. Fellows are paid a stipend in addition to travel expenses to Cambridge.

The fellowship, now in its fifth year, seeks to promote a deeper understanding and a more informed public discussion of the interface of science and religion. Potential areas of study include Islam and science, neuroscience, cosmology, quantum uncertainty, multiverses, the New Atheism and spirituality and health.

“Between the rigid literalists and the ranting atheists, there is vast space for intellectual engagement over matters of science and faith — a space we explored daily during this stimulating and intense fellowship,” said Sharon Schmickle, of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune and a 2007 Templeton-Cambridge Fellow.

Applicants must demonstrate an interest in the field, originality of thought displayed in previous writings and a superior record of journalistic achievement.

The awards are open to all journalists with a minimum of three years’ experience, though priority will be given to mid-career and senior journalists. For more details on the program and to apply for the fellowships, please go to

Application deadline is Monday, December 15, 2008.