On this morning’s edition of AMHQ, The Weather Channel’s morning show, meteorologists Jim Cantore&Tevin Wooten gave viewers an in-depth look at what it would have been like to land on the moon - using The Weather Channel's’s proprietary Immersive Mixed Reality technology.

You may have seen it in the past, during coverage of a flood, when they had everything from televisions to fish floating as their pundits exaggerated the effects of water rising. While the hyperbolic claims they made were ridiculous, they were no more ridiculous than what other media outlets did to grab viewers, and the technology was outstanding.

The Weather Channel has also used Immersive Mixed Reality technology to cover tornados, a wildfire overtaking a field, a deadly ice storm, and estimating the potential future impact of climate change on an American city. Regardless of your dislike for hype, Immersive Mixed Reality demonstrates how to take viewers inside of an environment to educate and inform.

Now they are tackling the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.

Video game fans and developers know how they do it; real-time graphic renderings and visual effects with Frontier powered by the already legendary Unreal Engine, but for people who watch The Weather Channel this may be a bold new frontier.