GUANGZHOU, China, September 30, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- The 108th Canton Fair, featuring three different phases with 23 thousand exhibitors and 57 thousand stands, will run from 15th October to 4th November. Each phase covers different industries and product categories and each phase is as big as an exhibition space of over 1.1 million m2. What kinds of service will buyers and exhibitors enjoy in the coming session? Service at the Canton Fair will be comprehensively upgraded with the service being more convenient, the environment more beautiful and materials more environment friendly.

In a bid to offer global buyers with comprehensive, professional and efficient services, the Canton Fair made investments of up to nearly ten million yuan in building a Call Center and setting up a Customer Service Hotline (+86-20-2888-8999)(Outbound). The hotline also has 30 extensions, offering five language services including Chinese, English, French, Spanish and Russian, providing buyers from the whole world with services covering professional consultancy, buyer invitation, client review and parts of business acceptance. With such a customer service hotline being available, it is believed that all buyers can enjoy the comprehensive, sincere, convenient and human-oriented services.

Participating in the exhibition is not only a chance to find business opportunities, but also a relaxing journey. In a bid to build a comfortable environment for all participants, the China Foreign Trade Centre will make investment of up to 20 million yuan in environmental greening and landscaping optimization, further enhancing the level of landscape greening surrounding the exhibition building, and building the ever-green exhibiting environment. It is believed that all participants can negotiate business with happiness in the beautiful, silent and green natural environment.

At the same time, with the guidance of low carbon concept, the Canton Fair pays high attention to concepts of environmental protection and energy conservation. During the construction, the organizer also suggested construction companies adopt recyclable and environment-friendly raw materials and decoration materials so as to avoid wasting.

Besides that, the Canton Fair will also further consolidate security, strengthen traffic management, comprehensively upgrade online member services, and improve Canton Fair Overseas VIP Club's VIP series and other individual services. At the same time, it will also further increase dining quality and environment, while giving participants both comforts and conveniences at aspects of accommodation, dining, traveling and so on.

SOURCE: China Foreign Trade Centre (CFTC)

CONTACT: Mr. Xiaoying Wu, +86-20-8913-8628