LONDON, December 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Frost Sullivan today announced that it will present its '2009 European Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Emerging Company Award' to 365 Energy Group, a leading European electromobility infrastructure company.


Charging infrastructure plays an important role as a success factor for the electric vehicle (EV) market as the unavailability of appropriate infrastructure could make customers reluctant to adopt EVs. It is important that charging infrastructure be installed rapidly so as to be fully functional and efficient by the time EVs arrive in large scale - possibly by 2011 - and attain the optimal ratio between supply and demand for charging infrastructure.

365 Energy is expected to be a leading supplier of this infrastructure in the EMEA regions (Europe, Middle East and Africa). The regions of North America and Europe are expected to be the major markets for EVs and therefore important potential ones for charging infrastructure.

365 Energy Group differentiates itself from other charging stations manufacturers in Europe by having partnered with Coulomb Technologies, a major infrastructure manufacturer in the United States, to bring its technology to Europe, notes Frost Sullivan Research Analyst Leonor Martinez. Its unique vision of developing the infrastructure market in different stages ensures that it will have a coherent infrastructure by the time electric vehicles (EVs) reach the mass market.

365 Energy's 'ChargePoint' network consists of an operating system that connects charging stations operated by different providers and located in various countries. This allows charging station operators to manage both the payments for electricity as well as grid load. Therefore, 365 Energy's solutions enable networked billing and roaming between individual countries and network operating centers.

The company's major product is a charging station for EVs that can be installed in public or private areas and allows one vehicle to be charged at a time, explains Martinez. The system is operated by a radio frequency identification (RFID) card that the user needs for identification as a subscriber.

The present market for EV infrastructure is very challenging, as it is in the early stages of development. For small new businesses entering the market as infrastructure manufacturers, it is important to have a long-term vision and a coherent business plan.

365 Energy presents a solid three stage development market plan - targeting the public sector, corporate fleets and private consumers - for its products that will focus on different types of customers in each stage before reaching the mass market, states Martinez.

The company has already implemented its business strategy by creating partnerships and relationships with other organisations to supply charging infrastructure. For example, the company already has equipped the cities of Amsterdam and Bochum with infrastructure and also signed a new agreement with the Catholic High School of Limburg in Belgium. These actions are coherent with its business plan to target public institutions in the first stage.

The Frost Sullivan Award for Emerging Company is presented each year to the company that has emerged as a significant participant within its industry. This company is perceived to have exhibited outstanding management, superior market growth, exceptional customer service and the ability to combine technology and successful strategic initiatives. This company has the exceptional know-how to take advantage of market changes through the execution of innovative strategies within the existing competitive landscape.

Frost Sullivan Best Practices Awards recognise companies in a variety of regional and global markets for demonstrating outstanding achievement and superior performance in areas such as leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development. Industry analysts compare market participants and measure performance through in-depth interviews, analysis, and extensive secondary research in order to identify best practices in the industry.

About 365 Energy Group

365 Energy Group - Changing the way people move

The 365 Energy Group, with headquarters in Berlin, Eindhoven and Milan, is considered a pioneer in the e-mobility industry. The company provides innovative charging stations with integrated network technology - a completely new and holistic approach to charging electric vehicles. This technology was developed by Coulomb Technologies, the global market leader in electric vehicle infrastructure. 365 Energy is the international partner of Coulomb Technologies and an investment management company belonging to Estag Capital AG in Berlin.

365 Energy Group Contact Information Address: 365 Energy AG Executive Director Mr. Hong Thieu Fasanenstr. 28, 10719 Berlin Telephone: +49-30-88-9249523 Telefax: +49-30-88-9249538

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