SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, France, February 8 /PRNewswire/ -- 3Roam announces the first microwave router to provide the WiMAX backhaul market with fiber like capabilities over the air. With 3Roam's MicrowaveRouter proven protocols such as IP/MPLS, already deployed in most operators' core networks, can now be extended to the backhaul network for enhancing quality of service and network availability.

By integrating microwave radio capabilities with full IP protocols, the 3Roam's MicrowaveRouter includes everything required for a complete backhaul network in areas where fiber is not available and too expensive to deploy.

"We have developed the first wireless router for WiMAX backhaul >> says Jean-Paul Deschamps, 3Roam CEO. "Thanks to the MicrowaveRouter, operators can now roll out triple play services over their networks with minimum latency and service disruption while reducing acquisition costs by half and optimising maintenance costs."

The MicrowaveRouter includes Wireless Label Switching to minimise packet overhead while significantly improving delays per hop and therefore reducing end to end latency. This brings two main advantages:

- MPLS can be operated in the backhaul network, eliminating the need for a stacking of external routers and microwave links which introduced too much packet overhead and were too expensive

- WiMAX Base Stations can be Synchronised Without the Need for Additional GPS Modules, Enabling Easier Coverage and Capacity Planning While Reducing Overall Costs

The MicrowaveRouter is a native packet based platform which operates at wire-speed performance. Several modules are available for various node configurations. It enables operators to plan for best network availability and roll out their network with various topologies such as mesh, ring or star. It operates in licensed radio frequencies from 6 to 38 GHz and supports up to six WiMAX sectors. It includes the full 3Route(R) software suite with IP/MPLS and advanced traffic provisioning. It provides easy radio links management and configuration through Command Line Interface, an integrated Web based tool or SNMP.

About 3Roam(R):

Based in Sophia-Antipolis, France, 3Roam develops and commercialises advanced products for radio and IP convergence. As a pioneer in wireless packet-based infrastructure solutions, 3Roam provides a range of high capacity microwave products enabling operators to deploy wire speed carrier grade networks, for the backhaul of WiMAX, TV broadcast or cellular base stations.

3Roam, 3Route, MicrowaveRouter are registered trademarks.

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