LONDON, November 29, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Acas, the employment relations service, has launched a new free online tool to help businesses identify and resolve problems at work.

The Acas Model Workplace ( helps employers and HR managers assess the effectiveness of people management ( in their organisation. It offers practical guidance on maintaining good employment relations and directs employers to other useful resources to address and prevent potential problems.

The Model Workplace consists of ten key workplace topics from equality and diversity to recruitment and managing change. Each topic contains multiple choice questions with Acas good practice advice shown for each question. After completing a module, users are given a rating of red, amber or green, and advice based on that rating to assess the organisation's employment practices.

Early findings into the effectiveness of the tool demonstrate around 35 per cent of users are from smaller businesses with 10-49 employees. The most popular topic is recruitment, selection and induction.

Ed Sweeney, Acas chair, said: "The Model Workplace costs businesses nothing to use but could save time, money and stress by offering preventative guidance on where improvements could be made.

"We know that the tool has proved particularly popular among smaller businesses that don't necessarily have in-house professional HR support, however businesses of any size are likely to find the tool useful."

Sarah Anderson, small business representative and Acas Council member, says: "The Acas Model Workplace helps businesses access the right support and guidance from the employment relations experts. Businesses need to understand how to get things right at work and the impact of changes in employment legislation. The tool is free to businesses and can help prevent potential problems further down the line."

The Model Workplace has been designed to be flexible so employers can complete modules in sections and at their own pace. Employers can complete as many modules as they like. Each module contains 7-10 questions and takes ten minutes to complete.

Businesses can register to use the tool which allows them to save their results and revisit them at a later point or simply complete the modules but not save results.

The online diagnostic tool can be accessed by visiting the Acas website.

About Acas:

Acas' aim is to improve businesses and working life through better employment relations. It provides information, advice, training and a range of services working with employers and employees to prevent or resolve workplace grievances ( and improve performance. It is an independent statutory body governed by a Council consisting of the Acas Chair and employer, trade union and independent members.

For more information about Acas or this PR, please contact: Lou Owen Media and Marketing Officer Acas National Euston Tower 286 Euston Road NW1 3JJ +44(0)20-7271-3920


CONTACT: For more information about Acas or this PR, please contact: LouOwen, Media and Marketing Officer, Acas National, Euston Tower, 286 EustonRoad, NW1 3JJ, +44(0)20-7271-3920