NEW YORK, November 19 /PRNewswire/ -- AdSafe Media, the leader in online advertising brand protection and risk management, today announced the commercial launch of its Brand Protection Firewall. Using the AdSafe firewall, marketers and agencies can easily set parameters for the type of content adjacencies which are suitable for their brands and then rely on AdSafe technology to ensure that their brand messages only appear on pages which meet their pre-set parameters.

For years in digital media, contracts for advertising placements have been signed with often exacting standards regarding what constituted appropriate content adjacencies for a given brand, noted AdSafe's President, Helene Monat. But the reality was that without a preventative technology like AdSafe, there was little that could be done to guarantee that the standards of an Insertion Order would be met, particularly within the context of user generated content and long tail media. With today's launch of AdSafe's Brand Protection firewall, brand stewards finally have the ability to not only define the appropriate environments for their brand, but also to ensure that their placement standards are adhered to.

Using the AdSafe technology, brand stewards can set their own standards for appropriate content adjacencies (which will vary by brand image and strategy) and then rely on AdSafe's technology to ensure that these standards are met. AdSafe continually crawls billions of advertising supported pages and rates the publisher content across multiple categories, allowing advertisers to leverage the AdSafe firewall to stop their ads from ever appearing on sites which are not in keeping with their brand strategy. The AdSafe platform is easily integrated into any ad-trafficking system and requires no technical integration on the part of the client.

In the development of its Brand Protection Firewall, AdSafe has been working with four of the industry's leading ad-networks which, despite their best efforts to protect brand value, recognize the need for more stringent brand safety controls. Below are key findings from AdSafe's monitoring of publisher logs of 3 Billion impressions served for 87 brand advertisers, categorized per Association of American Advertising Agencies standards.

- 5.9% of a Branded Automotive marketer's impressions were served to inappropriate sites* - 10.5% of a Branded Travel-Air marketers' impressions - 11.5% of a Non-Profit/Associations' impressions - 26.9% of a Non-Brand Direct Marketer's impressions

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*Inappropriate sites are defined as sites containing content related to one or more of the following categories: sexual content, offensive language, spyware/malware, hate speech / violence.

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AdSafe Media is the rating standard for brand protection online. With AdSafe, marketers' advertising only appears on sites with content marketers deem to be consistent with their brand's image, objectives and corporate philosophy. AdSafe protects brand equity by mitigating risk of damaging brand adjacencies, reduces costs and improves response rates to campaigns across the web. For more information, visit or contact Matthew Scott at

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