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- GainSpan's Ultra Low-Power Wi-Fi SoC at Heart of Temperature Monitoring Solution

Aginova Inc., a manufacturer of specialized wireless subsystems, today announced the industry's first Wi-Fi cold storage monitor that provides up to 5-10 years of battery life. The SentinelPro offers the most advanced Wi-Fi sensing hardware, a portable alarm unit, and a comprehensive software package for monitoring, reporting, and storing of critical storage condition data over time.

SentinelPro is based on GainSpan Corporation's(TM) ultra-low power GS1010 Wi-Fi SoC and is able to leverage the existing ubiquitous Wi-Fi network. As a result, the new temperature monitoring solution provides the security, manageability, convenience and benefits of Wi-Fi along with 5-10 years of extended battery life.

With SentinelPro, authorized personnel can view precise data over enterprise class security links, and provide alerts in the event that environmental conditions vary beyond a specified range. The system can page, email and visually alert any computer screen whenever food, lab samples, pharmaceuticals or other temperature sensitive items are outside prescribed parameters.

Utilizing Wi-Fi for temperature monitoring enables a cost effective way to improve patient care and maintain regulatory compliance while providing automated and detailed reports on any piece of equipment for any time period for JCAHO, AOA, CAP, FDA, USDA or the Health Department. In addition, it can also provide temperature logs, operating parameters, alarms and corrective actions to be taken while eliminating human error and the cost of manual temperature documentation.

Ashok Sabata, CEO of Aginova, commented, "We had been using Zigbee, a non-standard wireless communications protocol, but with GainSpan we've been able to develop and get products to market much more quickly than ever before. And, because we're tapping into the existing infrastructure, installing and maintaining our products is relatively cheap -- we've cut costs exponentially."

The temperature monitoring products are available from US$100 to US$300 depending on the quantity and temperature range. The software, developed by Aginova, is available in two packages: enterprise grade for integration into a customer's automation system or as a service running on Aginova secure servers.

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