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- Builds Credibility in the UK

UK-AIRS, a company of The RightThing and the leader in recruitment training, technology and outsourcing, today announced its certification in "Safe Harbor" principles, set by the European Union to ensure data privacy protection.

While the U.S. and EU ultimately share the same goal of ensuring privacy protection for their citizens, they take very different approaches. Since 1998, The European Commission's Directive on Data Protection prohibited the transfer of personal data to non-European Union nations that do not meet the European standard for privacy protection. This law often hinders the ability of U.S. companies to engage in trans-Atlantic business. In order to bridge these approaches and streamline compliance across the board, a "Safe Harbor" framework was developed to help U.S. based companies adhere to all European privacy laws through a voluntary certified accreditation policy.

"Certifying to Safe Harbor lends us more credibility when dealing with EU organizations and ensures them that AIRS is committed to providing adequate privacy protection as defined by the EU," said Chris Forman, President of AIRS.

With Safe Harbor certification, AIRS data flow will be accredited in all 25 states of the EU and as obligatory under the agreement, AIRS is primarily responsible to enforce all standards. Certification is reaffirmed on an annual basis.

"With the large number of UK job boards that we are currently working with, this accreditation will allow us to increase content and further build our partnerships," said Matt Jessop, UK Country Manager for AIRS. "It shows integrity to our customers and gives them piece of mind."

With robust expansion goals, AIRS opened its London office in March, 2008 with the debut of AIRS SourcePoint UK, a recruiting software tool customized for the UK market as well as award-winning recruiter workshops like SearchLab 2008 UK and XtremeLab UK which are held across the UK in England, Ireland and Scotland. Gaining Safe Harbor accreditation will further propel AIRS efforts in developing a bigger presence in the UK.

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