ZURICH, Switzerland, February 9 /PRNewswire/ -- One of the attractions of this year's CeBIT show (March 3 - 8) comes from Albis Technologies, provider of groundbreaking RFID components and services, with its real-world look at the latest developments and potential applications of its Active RFID technology.

Authentic live presentations will show visitors how, for example, inventory can be carried out without any manual counting. Another application example will illustrate how products in a cold chain can be constantly located and their temperature monitored.

Albis Technologies will also present two new RFID tags which provide security for valuable objects. The Motion Detection Tag issues item-specific alerts, while the Alarm Tag, which is notable for its compact design, cannot be removed from an object without triggering an alarm.

Its Zone Monitoring Find (ZOMOFI) division makes Albis Technologies one of the leading innovative pioneers in the field of asset tracking. The relevant RFID components locate and track objects in real time and are used mainly for challenging and critical applications where failure is not an option. These include managing containers and load carriers in the logistics sector, positioning people inside hospitals, tracking and managing railway cars, securing works of art and ensuring enhanced access control for businesses. In addition to its extensive range of RFID components, Albis Technologies also offers ZOMOFI Edgeware software, which is invaluable for helping system integrators to implement integrated, customer-specific complete solutions efficiently.

About Albis Technologies

Albis Technologies is a worldwide technology company that develops and markets innovative electronic systems. For many years, discerning clients from the telecommunications, industrial, logistics, security, power supply and medical sectors have put their trust in the expertise of its 180 highly qualified staff.

Albis Technologies, which was established by a management buyout at Siemens Switzerland, is continuing its successful activities.

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