ZURICH, October 29 /PRNewswire/ -- The first business year following the management buyout of the business unit Engineering and Innovative Products EIP from Siemens Switzerland AG to Albis Technologies AG was characterized by continuity, quality, and productivity.

Customers continued to trust in the experience and know-how of both management and employees. And more than ever they rely on the leading technologies of the new business with a long tradition in telecommunication, active RFID, and development services.

Therefore, the first business year, which ended on September 30, 2009, was exceedingly successful. We were able to gain new customers in all business areas. Here, the market share in IPTV rose above average. Another fact which is to be especially emphasized is that new products were successfully launched in all areas, which confirms the innovative strength of the company.

In the area of telecommunication:

The ULAF + platform offers efficient Ethernet services through ACCEED for EFM bonding. In this area, Albis Technologies is one of the leading manufacturers worldwide. Customers use this access technology to be able to offer modern IP/Ethernet services without having to abandon the existing TDM services. Albis supports customers with a sophisticated migration strategy which can be optimally adapted to the requirements of the customers due to maximum of flexibility and scalability.

In the area of multimedia set-top boxes:

The high quality and innovative design of the newest set-top box generation are second to none. Albis Technologies is able to offer integrations for various IPTV solutions. Two new types of middleware have already been integrated in the previous business year. IPTV solutions are the platform for cutting-edge projects, such as eHealthcare, home automation, video on demand, etc.

In the area of broadband access devices:

The newest generation of broadband products fulfills or even exceeds the requirements of the market. They are configured according to the individual needs of the network operators and guarantee optimal integration into their business processes and marketing strategies.

A comprehensive portfolio, a professional team, as well as a full development pipeline ensure that customers of Albis Technologies can also depend on our continuity, quality, and productivity in the future.

Information on Albis Technologies:

Albis Technologies is a globally active technology company that develops and markets innovative electronic systems. For many years, discerning clients from the telecommunications, industrial, logistics, security, power supply, and medical sectors have put their trust in the expertise of its 180 highly qualified employees. For more information, visit: http://www.albistechnologies.com

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