PARIS, May 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Alcatel-Lucent (Euronext Paris and NYSE: ALU) today announced the availability of its 2007 Corporate Social Responsibility Report. The report underlines Alcatel-Lucent's commitment to corporate social responsibility and presents the main achievements and initiatives undertaken by the company in 2007.

Patricia Russo, CEO of Alcatel-Lucent stated: "Corporate social responsibility has become a business imperative. For Alcatel-Lucent, CSR is not merely a set of policies: it is a key component of the company's business strategy. Going forward we will continue to strengthen CSR within our company to meet the expectations of our shareholders, our customers, our employees, and the communities in which we conduct business."

Alcatel-Lucent's 2007 CSR report highlights the following topics:

- Environment: Environmental considerations are central to Alcatel-Lucent's CSR strategy and the company is dedicated to meeting its' customers' demands for eco-efficient products and solutions. Alcatel-Lucent actively engages with its key stakeholders, including customers and suppliers, to address eco-sustainability and climate change issues throughout the entire supply chain.

In line with these commitments, the group became a signatory in 2007 to the UN Global Compact's "Caring for Climate" initiative and is resolved to reduce its carbon footprint.

- Responsible Purchasing: Alcatel-Lucent has a very high level of expectations for the companies in its worldwide supply chain. The company views CSR as an active partnership and has adopted a purchasing approach that engages suppliers in these efforts. By initiating personalized dialogue with suppliers, the company ensures that Alcatel-Lucent's principles and values are duly respected and applied.

- Digital Inclusion: As a world leader in communications solutions, Alcatel-Lucent draws on its innovation expertise to bridge the digital divide - creating opportunities for economic and social development in emerging economies through the use of communications technologies. Alcatel-Lucent's Digital Bridge initiative involves close partnerships with local players to ensure the solutions the company brings forward are appropriate, lasting and reliable.

- Philanthropy: As a corporate citizen, Alcatel-Lucent engages in philanthropic and charitable activities through its Foundation. The Alcatel-Lucent Foundation focuses on education and youth development in the communities where the company's employees live and work, supporting corporate programs and encouraging volunteerism.

- CSR Reporting: In 2007, Alcatel-Lucent compiled social and environmental data to report on some 60 CSR indicators from across its merged global organization, covering almost 90% of the company's total headcount.

The 2007 Corporate Social Responsibility report is available on Alcatel-Lucent's corporate Internet website, at the following address:

About the Alcatel-Lucent Foundation

The Alcatel-Lucent Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Alcatel-Lucent and it leads the company's charitable activities. With a focus on education and volunteerism, the Foundation's mission is to support the commitment of Alcatel-Lucent to social responsibility by serving and enhancing the communities where its employees and customers live and work. For more information on the Alcatel-Lucent Foundation, visit

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