SCHAFFHAUSEN, Switzerland, November 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Oil-based diesel and heating oil at well below market prices - this is provided by a novel production process developed by Switzerland's Biotherm Technologie AG. The process enables the production of high-quality fuels from waste oil and plastics and is particularly attractive for dealers in waste oil and similar waste disposal operators who can, with the required equipment, process up to 4,000 tonnes of raw materials annually, generating 12,000 liters of diesel fuel daily.

"Instead of trading in waste and disposing of it at great cost," says Christopher Stampfli, Director designate of the Schaffhausen company, "this technology enables enormous profits to be made. The liter price of our diesel, which is identical in its chemical composition to conventional diesel, is already more than 25 cents below oil industry production costs - an advantage which increases with every cent that crude oil prices rise."

Record price levels on the oil markets - the best sales argument

The Swiss corporation markets throughout Europe a process developed by Clyvia Technology GmbH of Wegberg, Germany. Based on fractionated depolymerisation, the process resembles the cracking of crude oil. Christopher Stampfli: "Record oil price levels are our best sales argument. In contrast to bio-diesel our product is of a constantly high quality. And compared to plant-based raw materials, which are subject to price fluctuations on the world market, the basic materials necessary for this process are virtually free - at any garbage dump or in waste oil tanks."

The Swiss corporation is currently in negotiations with leasing companies aimed at providing customers with a complete financing package so that medium-sized companies, too, can benefit from the advantages of this process. Operators can use the plant to reduce the cost of running their vehicle fleet - or open up additional business opportunities by selling the product to other firms or consumers.

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