DENVER and QUINCY, Massachusetts, October 30 /PRNewswire/ --

Altira Group LLC -- a pioneer and leader in venture capital and private equity funding for energy technology companies, today announced a seven Million dollar investment in Eco Power Solutions (Eco Power), of Quincy, MA. Altira's investment in Eco Power was made from its Altira Technology Fund V -- a US$176 Million fund focused on venture capital for energy technologies.

Eco Power designs and builds a unique all-in-one industrial grade energy recovery and emission control system know as the COMPLY 2000, which captures waste heat that otherwise would escape via flue stacks.

The COMPLY 2000 unit can significantly reduce an industrial's reliance on the local power grid and significantly reduce its energy costs by recovering and redirecting waste heat throughout the manufacturing facility. For utilities, the recovering capabilities of the unit allows for a reduction of input costs that equal energy production.

In addition, the COMPLY 2000 virtually eliminates industrial and utility emissions generated from oil, natural gas and coal-fired boilers in excess of 96 per cent of nitrogen oxide (NOx), sulfur dioxide (SOx), and particulate. It is also capable of reducing up to 25 per cent of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Tests verified by the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory document that the COMPLY 2000 ratings in these areas are superior to the performance standards of all currently available technology.

Higher energy costs are driving industrial users of energy to proactively install Eco Power's technology to capture and convert waste heat into additional energy, said Mr. Hull McKinnon, Principal at Altira and a board member of Eco Power Solutions. Eco Power Solutions is a wonderful example of the type of company we have been investing in for more than a decade. Their transformative technology will help us meet our global energy demands today and in the future.

We are excited to have Altira as a partner, said Tom Thompson, CEO of Eco Power Solutions. They are a proven investment firm with a strong reputation of partnering with companies and achieving success. This investment will help accelerate Eco Power's growth strategy and its ability to pursue a market estimated in the trillions of dollars.

About Altira Group

Altira Group LLC ( is a Denver based private equity and venture firm that has profitably invested in energy technology companies for over 12 years. Their portfolio includes companies in both the traditional and renewable energy sectors. Altira pursues opportunities to commercialize transformative technologies that drive efficiency and productivity gains throughout the energy value chain while reducing the carbon footprint.

Altira is currently investing out of its fifth fund. The typical initial investment in a portfolio company is in the US$5-US$15 Million range, with follow-on investments as warranted. Altira seeks investment opportunities led by experienced and dedicated management teams who are commercializing new energy technologies with high growth potential.

About Eco Power Solutions

Eco Power Solutions ( is a North American service provider offering customers the world's most integrated, all-in-one energy recapture and emissions reduction solution.

Its patented turnkey technology can reduce emissions by more than 96% (i.e. sulfur dioxide - SOx and nitrogen oxide - NOx and particulate), as well as reduce up to a 25% of Carbon Dioxide (CO2). The company's technology is also capable of generating supplementary energy by recovering waste heat that normally escapes into the atmosphere, thus providing a significant reduction in operating costs.

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